Why Did Denver Laser Solutions Invest in Ultherapy?

Here at Denver Laser Solutions we have been searching for an alternative to the current Infrared Skin Tightening technology that we previously offered. Our older technology did not live up to the standards we promote to our loyal downtown Denver clientele and so the search began. After two and a half years of research and trials with other skin tightening platforms, mostly radio frequency, we finally came across Ultherapy.Ultherapy Ultra Premiere

Why we picked Ultherapy

We chose to invest in Ultherapy because of its unique technology- instead of pushing heat into the skin from the top down like radio frequency and infrared light, Ultherapy finds the correct depth in the skin and delivers heat at this exact point with precision temperature, each and every pulse without damaging surrounding tissue. 


How Ultherapy Works

Ultherapy does this by using two types of ultrasound, first is a regular visual ultrasound picture developed with the technology as a way for the technician to actually see through the skin to the area that is being treated. The second type of ultrasound is focused.  Focused ultrasound means that two sound waves pass through the skin to meet at a predetermined depth below to cause friction. This friction stimulates heat at a predetermined temperature needed to stimulate collagen reproduction. The two of these ultrasound modalities together provide both an accurate and comprehensive solution for a true non-surgical, facelift. 

Targeting Multiple Tissue Layers

We also love Ultherapy for our Denver skin tightening clients because we can target three different tissue layers under the skin. With the first depth we treat as far down at the connective tissue between our muscles and our dermis called the SMAS (sub-muscular aponeurotic system), the second depth delivers energy to the low dermis and the third delivery of heat treats the top dermis. The first two depths of energy focus on strengthening the under laying structural support of the skin which gives us the lifting effect, where the third most superficial layer of energy helps to create improvement in crepey texture and lines and wrinkles. 


Ultherapy is a Non-Surgical Treatment

All the services we offer at Denver Laser Solutions are non-invasive and as we know no non-surgical face-lifting can produce the same results as surgery. Therefore as skin care experts at Denver Laser Solutions we promote Ultherapy to treat mild to moderate skin laxity for our Denver clients. We also encourage it to the younger generation as a preventative measure against sagging skin.  

Ultherapy Before and After

Seeing Ultherapy Results

Another great advantage to focused ultrasound is the fact that our mild to moderate skin laxity clients will see excellent improvement with just one treatment opposed to the typical 6-8 sessions required with to radio frequency and infrared skin tightening.

If our Denver skin tightening clients are better suited for a facelift but opt for this non-surgical route instead, a second treatment may be required 6 months later for optimal results. Since the collagen remodeling process takes time, Ultherapy clients will see a slow and gradual improvement of the area treated, with maximum results produced approximately 6-9 months following their session. 


Read more about Ultherapy on the DLS website, here. 

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We are in love with this technology and you should be too! If you would like more information on how Ultherapy can help redefine your jawline, lift your brows or improve lines and wrinkles on the chest please call Denver Laser Solutions at 303.807-4333 or book online today.

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