Why Should I Wear Sunscreen Every Day? - 3 Good Reasons

Whether you live in the mile high city like us at DLS or anywhere in the world sunscreen is always going to be your best friend. The sun is a powerful force of nature that provides our bodies with the essential vitamin D. Especially in our lovely state of Colorado where the outdoor activities are taking all of our attention. 

 If you ask yourself, why should I wear sunscreen every day, the answer is absolutely. Here are 3 good reasons why you should protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays on a daily basis.

why wear sunscreen
1. Sunscreen is the Gold standard for Age Prevention

Your esthetician means it when she says that it is the most important part of any skin care regimen. Sunscreen provides a certain kind of protection that maintains the integrity of your collagen. What that means is that it keep your skin supple, soft, and wrinkle-free.


2. Sunscreen protects your skin from UVA/UVB radiation

With skin cancer on the rise, it’s important to protect against UV radiation which can trigger hyperpigmentation and potentially other adverse reactions. Each time the skin gets sunburned the UV radiation can damage the DNA in our skin cells, this can trigger a number of effects including photo-aging. By diligently wearing a sunscreen SPF 30, you can drastically reduce these side effects.


3. Sunscreen is insurance for your skin care services

Did you treat yourself with a photofacial, a laser service or Ultherapy? If so, then it is a good idea to protect your investment! Since all of these treatments help induce the collagen production of our skin we want to make those results last longer.

Telling your esthetician that you don’t wear sunscreen is like telling the dentist you don’t floss your teeth! Apply your SPF every day even when you think you’re only outside for short periods of time. Each 15-minute walk to and from the office adds up. So do yourself a favor in the long run and start this good habit now!

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