3 Reasons Why Your Abs Don't Show

We get a lot of clients telling us “I do so many crunches at the gym so why don't my abs show?! It seems so elusive, the flat contoured six-pack abs you see in magazines. Everyone has the ability to have a contoured stomach but many factors can work against you: diet, activity level, stress and even hormones.

Why wont my Abs show

Why won't they show? Here are 3 Reasons why your abs won't show. 


1. Blame it on the subcutaneous fat!

Of course, how active you are and what you eat plays a major role in abdominal fat. The age-old saying “abs are created in the kitchen” holds truth.  The abdomen is one of the last areas of the body to lose fat.

You may notice that your arms and legs look nice and toned but your stomach still has a layer of fat. This is because for your lower abs to show, to give you that sculpted tummy, you have to shrink the subcutaneous fat, the fat that is located directly under the skin. To do so your BMI (Body Mass Index) needs to be at 9% or lower!  Even with lots of hard work, countless crunches and watching what you eat, your BMI may still be at 12%, which is a very a healthy BMI.

It’s the subcutaneous fat that is hiding your toned tight core! 

2. Stress

Then there are other contributing factors for belly fat that are sometimes out of your control. Stress can be huge culprit that leads to belly fat.  In fact, the stomach is one of the main areas we retain weight when we are stressed. So those long hours are the office, driving 3 kids around to all their appointments and soccer practice, may be playing a larger role in your pooch than you realized.

3. Age

As we age we tend to carry more weight around our middle. Our muscle index decreases naturally starting around age 30 which in turns slows down our metabolism making weight loss harder. As we age there is a natural decrease in hormone production in general. Especially in menopausal women there is a significant drop in estrogen leading the body to retain fat (particularly around the middle!) so the cells can pull estrogen from the fat stores. In men around this age there is a drop-in testosterone leading to the same result.  

So How Do You Get Your Abs To Show?

This is where CoolSculpting can help.  CoolSculpting was created for those stubborn pockets of fat, that belly pouch that no amount of exercise and diet seem to touch.  This noninvasive treatment uses cryoliposis and works by targeting the fat cells. The area is cooled to -11* Celsius. This triggers apoptosis, death, of the cell. Fats cells, are more susceptible to cold than other tissue, so while the fat cells die the skin and muscles are not affected. Over the next several weeks to 90 days the body naturally eliminates the fat cells through the excretory system. Because CoolSculpting is noninvasive, you can resume your normal activity post treatment.

Maintaining Results with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is not a replacement for workout and diet.  It is a tool to enhance the results of the hard work you put in, and to help curb the side effects of mother nature. To maintain results from the procedure you want to continue with your healthy lifestyle working out regularly and maintaining your diet.   

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