What are Peptides Anyway?


By: Rene Sacchitella

What exactly are peptides anyway? It’s known at this point that we are constantly overwhelmed by skin care ingredients. Between magazines, social media posts or buzzwords from beauty bloggers there is a lot of mention without any explanation. Without context everything becomes a buzzword. But why do our estheticians always say that this serum is good because it’s packed with peptides? Why are peptides beneficial for the skin?

Peptides a very small molecular compounds consisting of two or more amino acids, linked in a chain. These small chains of amino acids help trigger certain responses in the skin. Peptides are essentially a subclass of proteins, you can tell them apart by their structure. Both proteins and peptides are fundamental components of cells important biological functions. Peptides regulate cellular activity inside the cell. Basically peptides are small little control freaks in the cells all around your body including the skin. These control freaks can help repair wounds, improve skin conditions and defend against visible signs of aging on a molecular level. Which is kinda super cool.

Peptides Help Produce Collagen

When collagen breaks down, for any number of variables, the byproduct of that destruction is amino acids. When there is an overabundance of amino acids in the dermis, the cells start manufacturing more collagen. Since peptides are chains of amino acids, applying certain ones topically can trick your cells into thinking they need to produce more collagen. This as we know helps retain a supple youth like appearance to the skin. Also, as we may already know, when our skin cells are producing more collagen they are also able to retain for hyaluronic acid, which is the component that retains moisture inside the skin. There is also research that believes there are viable correlations between peptides and elastin production because of how much collagen is produced by these peptides.

Peptides Deliver Essential Nutrients and Help Wound Repair

Since peptides are so small, they can help deliver vital antioxidants to help heal and protect the skin. Antioxidants are what help the cells from becoming damaged. Peptides can help deliver antioxidants like, copper, for example into the skin to induce wound healing on a cellular level. Others includes vitamin C, A and E which are the 3 biggest for preventing visible signs of aging. The most effective way to deliver these beneficial ingredients would be a in a serum. Since serums are engineered for ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, you can usually find peptides and antioxidants in this in between step. At Denver Laser Solutions, we have a wide variety of serums to help with all skin conditions. Let us know if you need any defense against city air, advice on preventive care or help healing your skin care concerns by coming in for a consultation.

Peptides can act as Neurotransmitters

There is currently some research about peptides being able to block transmissions to facial muscles. The peptide that does this is called Argireline and essentially the peptide helps the muscles stay in a relaxed state to help prevent the formation of fine lines. Colloquially called “Botox in a Jar”, we here at Denver Laser Solutions believe that this peptide is great in conjunction to Botox not a replacement since the peptide can’t reach as deep as an injection nor give the same longevity that Botox is known for. Products packed with Argireline can help promote the benefits of Botox to ensure great results but again, nothing can replace Botox. Our Flawless Foundation from Image Skincare does have Argireline and other antioxidants in it to give your skin a “airbrushed” finish to your look. The airless pump allows the product’s benefits to be protected from oxidation and provides a long lasting product which we love too.

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