Ultherapy Is It Worth It? - 6 Things to Know

 As we age we can’t help but consider treatments to help us look great and feel younger. There are of course, surgical options available to help us. These surgical treatments can be effective, but they are also costly and with significant risk, prolonged downtime and potential mild to life-threatening side effects. 

For the people who are not interested in surgery or are not ready for it yet, there is a fantastic non-surgical facelift option available to you – Ultherapy, but is it worth it?

# 1 How Ultherapy Works

Ultherapy is an alternative to plastic surgery that stimulates natural collagen production using two types of ultrasound waves – regular and micro-focused. The regular ultrasound waves are used to pinpoint the exact area for treatment. The 

Ultherapy loer face

micro-focused ultrasound waves come at the target area from the left and the right. Where they meet, friction is created which generates heat. This heat stimulates the natural production of collagen - giving you significant results and lift within three months!

#2 Ultherapy: Not Just for Faces

Yes, Ultherapy is a wonderful, non-surgical option to give faces with moderate skin laxity a natural lift. However, men and women both, leverage Ultherapy as a popular treatment for:

  • Brow lifts
  • Lines and wrinkles on the chest
  • Around the eyes
  • Under the eyes
  • The lower face area
  • The neck


#3 There is No Downtime with Ultherapy

Unlike plastic surgery, Ultherapy does not have any downtime. Once the treatment is complete, some clients indicate their skin feels/looks tighter and others may have almost imperceptible small bumps for 48 hours afterwards. Other than that, feel free to make plans to go out for the night after Ultherapy – only you will know you had the treatment.


#4 Ultherapy for Skin Glow or Lift

There are three different transducers used in Ultherapy. These transducers can penetrate the skin at depths varying from 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm. All three are used when a client’s goal is to lift the skin. However, if you would like to only give your skin ahealthy glow, more clarity and smaller pours, a treatment utilizing only the 1.5 mm transducer is available to do just that.


#5 Who is a Good Candidate for Ultherapy

Men or women looking for an effective non-surgical alternative with medium to moderate skin laxity are great candidates for Ultherapy. Also, people who have had plastic surgery and want to stimulate collagen production love this treatment!


#6 Christie Brinkley Endorses Ultherapy

Christie Brinkley is in her 60s but looks like she just had her 40th birthday. She works hard for how she looks and openly talks about her reliance on Ultherapy to keep them!


#7 How to Get Started with Ultherapy

It is always best to meet with your clinic and clinician prior to scheduling your first Ultherapy treatment. At Denver Laser Solutions, this consultation is free. During the consult, we will discuss your goals, expectations, any concerns you have and any opportunities we see. Interested in learning more about how Ultherapy can help?


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