4 Benefits to Photofacials and removing Sun Spots and Skin Discoloration

Some people think age spots, sun spots, rosacea, hyperpigmentation or other skin discoloration issues are just a fact of life and aging – but we don’t. We believe that our Denver customers deserve to know how easy it is to remove sun spots with photofacial treatments.

We also believe there is no reason people need to feel uncomfortable or awkward about skin coloration on their face or anywhere on their body when a quick and painless solution is available.

The advanced laser technology Denver Laser Solutions has available with Photofacials will help you to:

1. Remove discoloration - browns and reds

Skin discoloration can happen for a number of reasons albeit sun damage, vascular lesions, rosacea, red flushing skin, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, broken capillaries, melasma or dyschromia. It is unfortunate that so many people on a daily basis are feeling the discomfort of living with these resolvable skin issues. With the advanced technology offered by Denver Laser Solutions these skin discoloration issues can be lightened, leaving you not only looking your best but feeling your best.

2. Remove pre-Cancerous cells

Pre-cancerous cells are a very serious matter. This is why Denver Laser Solutions can remove precancerous cells, at times working with Denver area doctors to do so, that run the risk of developing into actinic keratosis or skin cancer.

3. Treat skin discoloration on the face and the entire body!

Many people when they think of skin treatments think the treatments are only available for their faces. However skin discolorations can occur anywhere on the body. This is why our Denver customers come to us to for photojuvenation services to lighten up and remove skin discolorations on their neck, arms, legs, back, chest and/or feet as well as on their faces.

4. Take advantage of the most advanced technology for your skin care investment

The technology used in photofacials and many skin treatments is very advanced and as such at times can appear quite complicated. There are however a few things to know in selecting the best technology for the investment you are making in your skin.

First, there are two basic types of lasers. A standard laser provides one wavelength for removing skin discoloration whereas an Intense Pulsed Light Laser (IPL) provides many wavelengths of light. A laser that only provides one wavelength of light will be far less effective and worthy of your investment if your skin does not match this wavelength. This is why Denver Laser Solutions utilizes Intense Pulsed Light technology which accommodates all skin types giving our Denver photofacial and photorejuvenation customers not only the quickest and best result but also the best investment for their money.

Second, it is also important to know that within IPL technology there are variations in quality and effectiveness. As the founding principle of Denver Laser Solutions is that we provide the best technology for our Denver client’s skin care needs, we invested in the most advanced skin care technology – the Palomar StarLux IPL laser which not only provides the preferred IPL technology but provides the best IPL technology available.


Book online today and visit us in downtown Denver for photofacials or photorejuvenation today!

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