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February 25

How To Fade a Red Scar – 4 New Ways

Redness in the presence of a scar or stretch mark is sluggish dead blood that the body has tried...

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February 21

3 Bad Skincare Combinations

We live in an age of skincare innovation. Technological advancements have propelled the beauty...

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February 19

How to get rid of a Double Chin

People are born with and gain weight in different places on the body. Some areas can be easy to...

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January 30

3 Reasons Why Your Abs Don't Show

We get a lot of clients telling us “I do so many crunches at the gym so why don't my abs show?! ...

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January 6

Benefits of a Clay-Masks

One of the biggest skincare trends in 2017 was the epic rise in popularity for clay face masks....

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