Is Ultherapy Worth It? Simulate Your Selfie and See!

It usually starts to happen in our mid-40’s to early-50’s the first signs of sagging skin.  You’ve already been able to deal with the natural changes of getting older, like fine lines and a few brown spots from the sun but fully embracing the signs of aging can only go on for so long until you feel the need to do something about it! Ultherapy might be your answer! 

UltherapyTreating fine lines and brown spots are doable on a limited budget with treatments like micropeels and photofacials, which can make a world of a difference in the tone and texture of the skin at a very reasonable cost. However, skin lifting and tightening is a more significant investment.

Whether you choose to go with a non-surgical skin tightening option or a surgical option; you should plan on shelling out some more serious cash. Which is why doing your research first to discover the best option for you is crucial

Why Ultherapy

After doing our research, we at Denver Laser Solutions decided to invest in Ultherapy as our skin lifting technology of choice. As a non-surgical based skincare clinic, we love that Ultherapy makes it easy for you to realize your investment by getting a sneak peek at your Ultherapy results.  You can do this with the Ultherapy “simulate your selfie” tool on their website.

Simulate your Ultherapy Results

Benefits of simulating your selfie on 

  • See how you’ll look after an Ultherapy treatment. 
  • Determine if this improvement is worth your investment

The process is simple and worth the wait! To produce an Ultherapy before and after photo, follow these steps: 

  • Go to 
  • Choose your area of concern.  
    • Eyebrows 
    • Under chin 
    • Neck 
    • Chest 
  • Upload a photo of your face. 
  • Enter your contact information 
  • Wait 24-48 business hours.  
  • An email with your results will be sent directly to your inbox.

Expect a realistic result from an Ultherapy treatment as the treatment process relies entirely on your body’s natural collagen and elastin production to lift and firm the skin on your face, neck or chest. If you like the realistic improvements that you’ll see on your photo from Ultherapy, than plan on being satisfied with your investment.

The cost of Ultherapy ranges from $1400-3000 for treatments, which includes up to the full face. Compared to surgical options that can run you into the $20,000 range, this is a very affordable treatment option to combat skin sagging.

Start your face-lifting research now with a quick and easy upload of your photo on!

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We also recommend visiting, a great community-driven website that is composed of reviews, popularity rankings, and other general information about aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments. By joining this community, you can ask questions to doctors, write treatment reviews, and share photos of your experiences. 

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