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By: Rene Sacchitella

Denver Laser Solutions is proud to announce that we have expanded our DLS skincare line with Vita-CE Serum. Packed with essential antioxidants to promote a healthy complexion the defining feature about this product is the ferulic acid. So what is ferulic acid? What’s the big buzz in the skincare and beauty industry about it? Is ferulic acid good for my particular skin type?

Ferulic Acid comes from the Greek term “the one that does not wither”. It is usually extracted from rice, wheat and corn bran but can be extracted from a number of plant sources including: coffee beans, orange seeds, apple seeds, and amaranth. Yet the highest concentration of ferulic acid is actually found in flax seeds. Ferulic acid is colloquially known in the skin industry as the “super antioxidant”. Research found that this particular acid reinforces the cellular walls of antioxidants and peptides to help protect them from microbial damage or oxidation. You may ask, “So how is this important to our skincare?” Essentially when products are compounded with ferulic acid it naturally extends the life of antioxidants, effectively making them more powerful. Research has also shown that ferulic acid can make the other antioxidants it's compounded with twice as potent and keeps them stable. It usually means that ferulic acid replaces the need for preservatives in your product and makes your skin care last longer in the bottle.

Ferulic acid really shines brightest when it is combined with vitamins C and E like in our Vita-CE serum. Since these vitamins are particularly hard to stabilize, ferulic acid can protect these essential skin care ingredients. As we know vitamins C and E are perfect preventive skincare since they help protect the skin from environmental damage that we are all exposed to. When ferulic acid is added to the mix, it has been shown to help neutralize UV rays and UVB induced erythema to give added solar protection. Basically wearing a serum with these ingredients during the day can help fortify your skin and give an extra boost to your sunscreen. This combination can also reduce DNA damage and mutations caused by environmental free radicals, reducing your risk of developing skin cancer. This magical trio can also help treat hyperpigmentation caused by unprotected environmental damage. The powerful vitamin C created with vitamin E and and ferulic acid, effectively deliver a penetrating depigmenting agent to help correct existing discoloration. Essentially when the vitamin c is delivered effectively into the skin it inhibits the enzyme production that triggers melanin (which creates those pesky dark spots) in the skin.

At Denver Laser Solutions, we hear a lot of questions about preventive skin care since we all want to preserve our look. The tried and true response to that question will always be wear your sunscreen. But, by incorporating the quintessential anti-oxidants illustrated above, you can effectively make your best defence against aging even more unstoppable. A simple addition to your morning routine like the DLS Skincare Vital CE+Ferulic Serum for only $79.00 will provide 6 months of superior daily nutritional barrier to ensure a guilt-free summer day. Call us today at 303-536-5517 to ask more about DLS Skincare and clinical services to brighten your look.

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