ASK TIFFANY: Fix my upper arms!

Question: Hi Tiffany, Do you have any skin tightening lasers? More specifically, for the creepy skin underneath the upper arms? I don’t want to go the surgical route if possible. Thank you! -Michelle
Answer: Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your question! I love answering and sharing all the tricks we have up our sleeves! And guess what, you are in luck, no surgery needed to fix this problem!

Typically when we think of anti-aging we think of our face; however, you are not alone Michelle, as there are many people out there who have more concerns with their body and prefer focusing improvements here first.

Under the arms, over the knees, and post-pregnancy skin laxity on the tummy area, are very common areas where skin tightening is desired.
Our go to skin tightening laser is Ultherapy, a micro focused ultrasound technology that tightens deep underlying structures of the skin to create a lift. This technology is most successful for lifting loose skin on the face, jawline, under the chin, and on the neck. Ultherapy treatment can be performed on the body, however, CO2 LASER treatment is also an option and may be preferred for clients with a Fitz Patrick skin type of 1-3.
How do we choose? Ultherapy is a better option for lifting sagging skin over the knee, for instance, whereas CO2 is a better option for improving wrinkly, creepy skin texture such as that on the arm.
A consultation and assessment of your upper arms with an aesthetician is necessary, as we do not want to confuse excess fat on the arm, which can be completely eliminated with CoolSculpting, with loose skin. As these two scenarios would have two different treatment courses.
During your consultation you will understand the pros and cons of each treatment, pre-and post treatment considerations, and develop a treatment plan specifically for you, along with pricing.
You can read more about how Ultherapy works versus CO2 treatment through our website or more efficiently you can schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with us to discuss all the options in detail!

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