Eliminate Chin Fat For Good


Eliminate Chin Fat for Good

By Juliette Martinez L.E.

If you are near your ideal weight, live a healthy lifestyle but can never seem to get rid of the little pouch of fat underneath your chin, you are not alone. When the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery did a poll, 67% of people reported that they are unhappy with the appearance of the fat under their chin.  Fullness under the chin can happen for many reasons including genetics, weight gain, or even general aging. Facial exercises and massaging can only help so much with this issue. Fortunately within the last year the manufactures of Botox, have introduced an injection designed to blast away double chins for good!

The injection is called Kybella. It is formulated of deoxycholic acid which is naturally occurring in our own bodies. Deoxycholic acid is found in our intestines and liver to aid in breaking down fats during digestion. When injected it causes lysis of fat cells causing them to be destroyed permanently.  Once destroyed, the fat cells will be metabolized through the body to never return.

Unlike Botox that is divided up into units, Kybella is dispensed per vial. 1-3 vials are injected per treatment depending on how much fat is located in the area. 2 vials does seem to be average for a treatment but consulting with a professional will guide you in the right direction of how much is recommended for you. It is best to do a series of Kybella since result are cumulative and you will want to eliminate all of the fat possible to ensure the double chin is gone for good!

Prior to the treatment, it is recommended to ice the area to provide local numbing. A treatment grid will be applied to your skin that will provide the injector a guideline for where to inject. Kybella is evenly injected into 20-30 sites in the double chin for maximum fat reduction. Immediately after the injection the area will have a burning or itching sensation under the skin and will soon become numb or tingly. Significant swelling does occur instantaneously after having Kybella injected. Swelling and numbness can last up to 1 month post Kybella as the lysis process is taking place.  It does look worse before it gets better and that is definitely something to keep in mind before opting to have the Kybella procedure done. It is the quickest way to lose a double chin however you do want to allow yourself adequate time to let the swelling subside. If you are considering having Kybella done pre-wedding or for a special event to look your best, plan on beginning the treatment course about 3-6 months in advance to ensure you are getting as many treatments as needed and enough time to achieve maximum results.

If you are wanting to say farewell to your double chin forever, come see us at our downtown Denver office to consult with one of our professionals who can get you started on a treatment plan to reveal your elegant jawline once again.

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