Microcurrent Facelift in 5 minutes

microcurrent face lift

Microcurrent Face Lift

By: Morgan Nolte L.E.

               There is something beautiful about a-symmetry in us as humans and definitely provides everyone individuality. We can’t all be Gigi Hadid and possess perfect symmetry. That one side of your mouth that goes up a little higher when you laugh or the way your nostrils are slightly uneven is what makes you, you. However, in some cases that one minimal difference between our features can drive us nuts.

“Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins” they say; as in we shouldn’t expect for them to match 100% but assume more like 80% symmetry. Unfortunately for me, my eyebrows have always been distant cousins with only about 50% likeness between them. My left side is blessed with a beautiful, pronounced arch that gives my hooded eye fantastic lift. Then there is my right side, the one that looks sad and has a rounded shape that makes my eye droopy. No matter how hard I try to trace, fill, and wax my cousins, they never seem to see eye to eye.

Many of us, if not all, have heard the scientific findings of the golden ratio. This ratio is representative of the “perfect” dimensions for a human face. Anyone who possesses this ratio is inadvertently attractive to most other humans because we find symmetry irresistible. Now you may be thinking, where is she going with this? I have found a non-surgical and non-invasive face lift (temporarily) in almost anyone using the NuFace microcurrent therapy machine. 

Microcurrent uses faradic energy and mimics the natural currents in the human body that produce neuromuscular stimulation. Just like the rest of our body, we need to exercise the muscles in our face to maintain their strength. As we age and progress, we lose muscle tone and eventually begin to see sagging. With the use of microcurrent on a daily basis, we are able to give our muscles the exercise they need to hold themselves in place. And it only takes 5 minutes!

By placing the device onto the face over conductivity gel and moving in upward sweeping motions, anyone can create an overall instant facial sculpting. Although using this device over the entirety of the face is recommended, there is always the option to “spot treat” certain muscle groups. I use my NuFace for only my right brow to create symmetry in my forehead. A few swipes up on my brow daily gives me the facial toning I need. By using this machine every day, your results will increase and maintain. Just like the gym, if you miss a few days, you will lose muscle mass in the area so maintenance and continuous use is key to maximize your results! Not only does the NuFace provide lift, but you can also increase product penetration by using the device after applying your moisturizer or any enhancement in your skincare routine.

Below is a photo of my results before and after one use of the NuFace pro trinity. You can notice a significant change in the lift of my right brow and it displays a larger amount of my eyelid. The facial toning and lift is instant but will need to be preserved by using the device as often as possible.


NuFace Morgan

This product is honestly an instant miracle worker! And the perfect time to buy is coming up. Denver Laser Solutions will be offering 25% off the NuFace microcurrent device for the entire month of January, lowering the cost from $325 to a whopping $243. New year, new you, NuFace.

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