Chemical Peel Denver

By Tiffany Martelli L.E.

Fall is chemical peel season! Watch as I start my fall skincare routine off with our Denver Laser Solutions level two chemical peel. The Perfection Lift from Image Skincare is a blend of alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids along with retinol.  I am using it to brighten up my skins complexion, allowing any sun spots and left over summer tan to become more visible.  I use this Perfection Lift like peel as a pre-treatment for IPL or intense pulse light photo facial.  Two weeks following my chemical peel I will be treating my face with a photo facial treatment.  By exacerbating the contrast of any sun damage on the surface of my skin with chemical peeling allows the intense pulse light to target those brown spots and fading Denver tan more precisely.

A level two chemical peel will provide light to medium skin peeling as this peel is customizable and become more aggressive with additional layering of its solution. While applying the chemical peel on the skin its pH and percentage of active ingredient causes a warm and tingling sensation. As I apply each additional layer causing the chemical peel solution to penetrate deeper into my skin my activity level goes up. Retinol is applied to enhance the treatment and then topped with SPF for nourishment and protection.

The most important things to remember when receiving a chemical peel is that you are planning on a social and slightly physical downtime period lasting approximately 7 days. Removing skin cell protection from your face will cause you to be more sensitive to the sun so it is very important that you use caution and avoid unprotected sun exposure for the following days.  Major social events may want to be postponed or planned in advance as you will experience the shedding of old skin wile new healthy cells make their way to the surface.  Because we are also causing an open wound, adding nutrition back into the skin via moisturizers containing antioxidants, followed by an occlusive such as Aquaphor or any petroleum-based product, will help nourish the skin and keep it protected from the elements.

The benefits of keeping more aggressive chemical peels in your regular skin care budget is to brighten your complexion, stimulate collagen production, soften skin texture, reduce large pores, and help maintain a wrinkle free face. This treatment is super affordable as the cost of chemical peeling for a level two such as Jessner's peel or Image skincare Perfection lift peel is $90 per treatment at Denver Laser Solutions.

Combining this chemical peel along with IPL photo facial and Denver Laser Solutions customized TCA peel is a great fall skincare routine for anyone looking to improve texture and tone in their skin. Stay tuned as I explain why our TCA peel is a great ending to this aggressive age correction treatment plan in our next video.

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