Product Spotlight: I Conceal


By Juliette Martinez LE

Here at Denver Laser Solutions we are always trying out new skin care technology whether that be actual equipment such as Ultherapy or new products. Besides our new line of prescription products, DLS Skincare, we have brought on Image's IConceal Flawless Foundation. As a makeup geek, I am thoroughly pleased with this product. It is a little bit on the thicker side however it provides excellent full coverage without feeling like you're wearing a mask. 


Image kept maintaining healthy skin in mind when revamping their Flawless Foundation. It was designed to be used post treatment so even the most sensitive of skin types can use it without irritation. This makeup is packed full of antioxidants and ingredients to keep skin looking great even when you aren't wearing it.  Most notable is the physical sun protection. IConceal contains 15% Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide blend to reflect the sun's rays away from your skin. Many different foundations claim to have SPF but most are synthetic screens (can cause irritation to eyes) and are not broad spectrum so what is the point? They have also incorporated plant stem cells and extracts such as algae and honeysuckle to strengthen your skin's immunity which is very different from most makeup. Cosmetics are the culprit for a lot of free radical damage once it becomes oxidized. In fact, it has been proven that sleeping with makeup on for one night will age you one week for every night it is left on. Not that we encourage to sleep in IConceal, however it is something you can feel good about applying on your skin and not worrying if it is going to be detrimental to your complexion. There is also a small amount of salicylic acid to help prevent shine and clogged pores in the breakout prone population. Any skin type can use the Flawless Foundation and reap the nutritious benefits it has to offer. 


This makeup can be applied several different ways with different outcomes. That is one of the things I love most about this foundation: the versatility. When in a rush, I add about half a pump to the Matte Moisture SPF 32 to get a nice light coverage to even my skin tone and tone down any redness I might be suffering from at the time. This is the most natural looking way to wear it and it works well for anyone who finds the tinted SPF from Image is just not the right shade for them. Most often, I apply IConceal with a cosmetic sponge on top of my color correcting concealers and pat the foundation in where ever I need a little extra coverage. I feel this provides plenty of lasting coverage for the daily makeup wearer when setting with a powder. For a more dramatic look, I recommend using Colorescience's Broad Spectrum SPF Primer. This is also more on the thick side however it will ensure your makeup won't budge all day/night and creates flawless looking skin. It helps hide large pores as well as fine lines and provides extra sun protection. Then apply IConceal with the No 101 brush that was designed to be used with the foundation and once you set it with a translucent powder you will have an amazing airbrushed effect. People really will start asking what you've done to your skin. It creates THE best base I have ever used on my skin and I have tried A LOT of different types and combinations of primers and foundations. 


If you aren't sure what color is best for your skin, Image has simplified the guessing game by offering one neutral shade for each Fitzpatrick skin type. Of course one size doesn't fit all when it comes to makeup but keeping all the shades neutral really does make it easier to choose what is best for you. Here is a quick color match guide for you to find the shade that best matches you.


Porcelain: Fitzpatrick type I, very fair, pale, skin burns very easily, likely has blonde or red hair with light colored eyes


Natural: Fitzpatrick type II, fair, pale with beige tint or cream colored skin, resistant to tan


Beige: Fitzpatrick type III, light brown, golden or light olive tones, skin will occasionally burn with prolonged sun exposure


Suede: Fitzpatrick type IV, caramel or medium brown, skin will tan easily with rare burns


Toffee: Fitzpatrick type V, bronze, rich brown tones, skin tans without ever burning


Mocha: Fitzpatrick type VI, mahogany or dark brown tones, typically dark African skin


All of the staff at Denver Laser Solutions wears the IConceal Flawless Foundation on a daily basis and we all swear by it. We have a variety of skin types and tones on our staff and the makeup works wonders for each and every one of us. This is a product that will NOT disappoint! Give it a try, and it might just become your new addiction.

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