Product Spotlight: Excellence Code

Product Spotlight

By Juliette Martinez LE

Are you in the corrective stages of skincare? Did you spend way too much time basking in the sun and are now paying the price? There are tons of creams and serums that claim to reverse the signs of aging but the question is: do they really work? We know we will never look back to how we did 10-15 years ago but most women hope they can look at least a couple years younger. Choosing the right products for you skin can be a challenge as it truly isn't cookie cutter. The products that work for your sister or friend may be totally wrong for your skin since everyone ages differently. Some may have a substantial amount of sun damage where as the person next to them has lost the volume that gave their skin youthful bounce. Having a variety of services done in office such as injectables and laser treatments will surely slow down the aging process however being proactive about skincare at home will be the deal breaker in reversing the signs of aging. 

Fortunately, Yonka has come out with a system for mature skin that one size really does fit all. The Cellular Code serum with Excellence Code creme are a dynamic duo that are sure to pack a punch for aging skin. Yonka's philosophy is nature plus science  which I think they achieved spot on with their newest addition to their line. They have recently added the contour creme (eye and lip creme) and Excellence Code masque to the collection. After cleansing and spritzing on Yonka lotion, the next step is to apply Cellular Code serum.

The Cellular Code serum consists of a variety of ingredients to promote cellular energy and increase cell longevity.  The first notable ingredients are called Sirtuin and Survivin. Sirtuin is a complex of proteins (similar to a peptide) that aids in inflammation and stress resistance. Its twin, Survivin, is responsible for inhibiting apoptosis (programmed cell death.) Cellular Code also contains a complex of garden nasturtium extract and D-ribose which aid in increasing ATP production and oxygenation of cells. We couldn't live without a breath of fresh air right?
Now let's talk the creme. Have you ever bought a jar of cream that turned a weird color after awhile or it bothered you that you had to stick your finger in the jar and touch all of your product? Well Yonka has packaged their Excellence Code creme in a beautiful jar that has an airless pump. That way all of the potent ingredients keep their up-most quality and you don't have to contaminate your full jar of creme every time you apply it. It also dispenses the perfect amount for the full face and neck with each pump saving you the guess work of how much to apply. As far as the technology incorporated into the creme itself, it contains a pretty unique assortment. It is compiled of rich nutrients such as grape seed and avocado oils, shea butter and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. The powerhouse ingredients are a silicon-amino acid complex, red algae extract, and immortality herb.  There are many different types of algae used in skin care products however red algae is best known for it's skin lightening benefits. It was recently discovered that it also helps prevent to breakdown of collagen. Along with red algae, the silicon-amino acid complex prevents the breakdown of collagen as well. There is a process that happens in our skin called glycation. This is when sugar molecules bind with proteins resulting in the breakdown of our collagen and elastin. The silicon-amino complex strengthens our collagen and prevents the detrimental effects of glycation. Immortality herb has been referred to as the "cure-all" or "anti-aging" herb. It is a powerful antioxidant that aids in detoxifying the skin and protecting against free radical damage. It is also used internally in tea and capsule form to strengthen the heart and immune system and reduce environmental stress hence the nickname "cure-all". 

There is a treatment here at Denver Laser Solutions that utilizes both of these products. Our Age Correction Facial includes a pressure point massage to encourage lymphatic drainage and stimulate cellular renewal. It is a treatment that is sure to make you feel revitalized and refreshed and it is a great way to take Yonka's Cellular and Excellence Codes for a test drive.

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