Active Skincare: Tips for all phases of a workout

Active Skincare


Active Skincare : Tips for all phases of a workout

By Rene Sacchitella

Since Denver Laser Solutions is located inside the Denver Athletic Club, we get quite a bit of questions about pre and post workout skincare. No one really teaches us what is best ways to prevent breakouts, rashes, dryness and other skincare concerns brought on by an active lifestyle. Here’s a breakdown of tips to maintain a healthy glow.

Before a workout, be sure skin is clean

This might be the most crucial thing on the list. It is imperative that you make sure your skin is clean before a workout. That means absolutely no makeup as well as cleansing before a sweat session. When we sweat our pores open up and if there is any dirt or grime it becomes a breeding ground for breakouts. And since sweating is one of the body’s natural ways of detoxification, inhibiting that process can be detrimental. A quick an easy way to cleanse before a workout would be to use a cleansing water like micellar water. The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin, Not only do they maintain the PH level of the skin but your skin is quickly clean. YonKa makes a great one called Eau Micellar, which comes in a travel size perfect for the gym.

Avoid Cross Contamination

It imperative to make sure that your equipment is clean as you are. Touching the same machines and equipment as a day's worth of gym rats is a great way to spread bacteria to your skin. During a workout, disinfect your equipment with a wipe or spray.  You can also wear gloves and constantly use a towel. Since the machines do breed bacteria, it is also best to keep your hands off of your skin. You don’t want to introduce bacteria to that can possibly result in new breakouts, spreading existing breakouts or potentially be exposed to skin infections. Thus it is always best to wash your hands after working out.

End with Cold water

I mean who isn’t a fan of a hot shower, hot shower feel so freaking good. A hot, steamy shower works to stimulate blood flow to the skin and soothe muscles but it’s not ideal for a post workout. The hot water washes away skin's protective oils, leaving it dry, tight, and itchy. Using a harsh, soap-based cleanser in a hot shower is double trouble: the two conspire to liquefy and wash away the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of skin cells and sebum. A warm tepid shower to clean with is ideal and then ending in cold water. Cold water allows for the access lactic acid in your muscles from your workout to be flushed from the system quicker by directing the blood flow to your vital organs. Since stagnant lactic acid results in sore muscles, you can recover quicker by making a quick cold water session at the end of a shower your best friend.

Be Gentle

Ok, I get it, out instincts tell us that after a workout we need to get as clean as possible. What better way than to scrub off all of that dead skin and sweat so i pores don’t clog? Right? Super wrong. You don’t want to be too aggressive with your skin. Resist the urge to over-scrub. Even the most killer spin class doesn't call for major exfoliation. Too much exfoliation can dehydrate your skin, lead to eczema or exacerbate acne. Instead, washing away sweat with a gentle cleanser. You can also take that gentle clarifying cleanser for an after workout body wash. Since its also important to wash your body try Image’s Clear Cell Clarifying Cleanser.  Gentle enough to use every day this BHA foaming gel cleanser purifies the skin and eliminates excess oil. Adds essential anti-oxidants to keep skin soft, purified and shine free especially after a workout.


Again it might seem counter intuitive to lather yourself in in moisturizer after a workout but hear me out. We are completely dehydrated after a workout from all of the sweat and intense heat. We need nutrition. We drink water, we have a healthy snack filled with nutrients but do we do the same for our skin? To maintain moisture levels and keep hydrated on every level it's important to moisturize. For the body a nice body oil after the shower with high amounts humectants like vitamin e or hyaluronic acid can be the difference for a youthful glow. For the face it's important to put on a lightweight moisturizer that neutralizes potential environmental hazards since your pores are so open. Creme 93 from YonKa is a smooth and fast-absorbing, this regulating cream that restores and preserves the balance of the skin while leaving a mattifying finish. The high amounts of vitamin c, and plant derivatives are the perfect protection.

And don't forget sunscreen if it is still light out.

A great way to maintain your skin to be just as healthy as you are would be to get a facial with us! Our customized facials deliver a blend of pure essential oils, fruit acids and botanicals into the skin to achieve detoxifying, balancing and anti-aging effects. We have plenty of choose from call us or book online to get your healthy skin facial at Denver Laser Solutions!

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