5 Ways to Have The Best Fall Skin

5 ways to have the best fall skin

5 Ways to Have the Best Fall skin

By: Rene Sacchitella

After barbeques, pool parties, concert series, festivals, camping and hiking in the sweltering heat, we all start to miss an autumn breeze. All hail pumpkin spice season! Where the boots are tall and the drinks are warm. We change our decor, outfits and makeup to fit with the ever changing colors of fall leaves in colder temperatures. But do we change our skincare with the season?  These small tweaks to your normal skincare regimens can be the essential for staying radiant during these cold and cozy months.

1. Cleanser

Summer skin is sweaty, dirty and grimy, so we tend to gravitate towards gel based cleansers for a “squeaky clean” feeling. But with colder temperatures brings dryer skin. Try switching to a cream or oil based cleanser to bring nutrition back to the skin and maintain the skin’s lipid barrier during harsher climates. Protecting this barrier allows the skin to maintain its moisture and maintain balance. Even for oilier skin types which might seem counter intuitive, a calming hydrating cleanser in the fall/winter preps the skin for the other products in your regimen. I usually switch from Image’s Ormedic Cleanser to <atarget="_blank" href="http://www.secure-booker.com/denverlaser/ShopOnline/Product/1945222/Lait-Nettoyant-Make-up-remover-gentle-cleanser-face-and-eyes-comfort">YonKa Lait Nettoyant in the Fall.

2. Switch Toner for a Serum

Unless you are using a hydrating essence like YonKa Lotion PS , most toners end up being too drying for regular use in autumn. This is because the PH of our acid mantles on our skin is becoming compromised by the fluctuations in temperature. Most toners, (especially alcohol based ones), tend to strip away our balanced defenses even further.  Instead think of delivering nutrients and maintaining the PH of our skin before putting on your moisturizer.  Image’s Hydrating anti-aging serum in their Vital C line is perfect for most skin types in Colorado. This is because it combats environmental damage and delivers deep penetrating moisture to the skin. If your concern is fine lines and wrinkles, Yonka’s  Serum Vital (or otherwise known by the nickname “liquid gold”), is perfect for delivering high amounts of nutrition and peptides to combat signs of aging in the skin with long lasting multi-level hydration.

3. Don’t over exfoliate!

After months of sweat and sun in the summer our open pores can get clogged a variety of gunk leading to dull looking skin. It’s important to exfoliate to sustain radiant skin after the summer months of abuse. Exfoliation can even help product penetration as the top layers of skin are ready for the nutrients afterwards. But it’s very important not to over exfoliate, especially in the colder months which tend to be a common mistake. Skin needs time to heal in between exfoliation to continue a proper PH balance. Over exfoliated skin can look red, dry, cracked and can be painful because the acid mantle has been stripped so the elements demolish our skin’s vulnerable moisture. Make sure you are only exfoliating only 1-2 per week.

4. Switch a Clay Masque to a Hydrating Masque

If you are anything like me you love face masques. In between professional facials I like to treat my skin to mini at home facials with my variety of masques. But our beloved summer clay based masques can be too drying during the fall and especially in the winter. Instead try switching to something more hydrating to recover from the harsh elements. If you still want some exfoliation in your recovery masque during the winter months try Image’s Hydrating Enzyme Masque. This gently exfoliating hydrating enzyme masque infused with Vitamin C sloughs away buildup of dead skin cells while infusing the skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins.

5. Don’t forget Your Lips or Hands!

Exposed skin in cold weather (especially the winter) is seriously working overtime.  Fragile skin like our lips tend to be the most noticeable because of how quickly moisture becomes depleted and chapped. While tougher skin on our hands may go unnoticed longer causing deeper levels of dehydration and damage. Make sure you make a long lasting lip treatment and hand cream your secret weapons during this transition.

A great way to make your skin care go the extra mile would be to try a chemical peel! This fall is the perfect time to try our “Shed the Dead” package at Denver Laser Solutions! This package includes 3 chemical peels to renew the skin’s appearance and provide a great exfoliation. It also includes a prefect compliment, 3 hydrating facials which, brings nutrition back to the skin after each peel! This limited time offer is at the exclusive price of $439.00 ($600.00 value). For more information or any other questions or concerns you can always reach us by emailing at info@denverlasersolsuotns.com.


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