The Best $550 You have Ever Spent

The best $550

By: Tiffany Martelli, LE


Don't believe the Oil of Olay commercials when they tell you that a "serum in a jar will replace costly injections." Don't get me wrong, I will never steer you away from good skincare but you deserve better than their deceiving sales pitch. There is absolutely no replacement for the youthful appearance that dermal filler's can produce on the face. 

Whether you're looking to maintain your youthful beauty or alter the look of your appearance, dermal filler's give you this opportunity without having to go under the knife. For instance, have you always wanted a rhinoplasty but just not comfortable going under anesthesia and having surgery? Or maybe your side profile lacks a prominent chin. Or you've envied the look of high cheekbones. Maybe for men, your jaw line isn't as square and crisp as you would like it. Possibly, your brow bone does not protrude, or your temples are sunken in.  There are so many variations of what we can do with dermal filler technology, it's unbelievable!   And the best part is, these types of corrections are available in-office on your lunch break.

Dermal fillers in Denver, CO. are injected in the skin and instantly replace and mimic the look and feel of fat. I refer to dermal fillers as the best $550 investment for yourself because of the dramatic effects it can produce with even one syringe. In my experience, it gave me an instant boost of self-confidence and the effects have lasted for practically the full year makes me feel like the return on my investment was better than it has been with any other skincare treatment.  

The most common area to be treated with dermal filler's has been the nasolabial folds. Juvéderm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC have been FDA approved for this area since 2006. Nasal labial folds are the smile lines that travel from the corners of the nose around the mouth, also the precursors to jowl formation.  In 2015, Juvederm was FDA approved again for lip augmentation, the second most popular facial feature to enhance. Most recently the FDA approved a new version of Juvéderm called Vomula. Voluma has taken off very quickly as it is now the number one recommended product to correct age related volume deficits in the mid-face such as cheekbones, the apples of the cheek, and the tear trough area.

As estheticians in the skincare industry our goal and sole purpose is to achieve and maintain a youthful looking appearance.  To do so we need dermal fillers in our box of goodies. As we age and time goes on our fat will diminish. This migration causes the skin to sag, resulting in a “thinner looking”, or “drooping” face.  That plump "baby face" we had as children and teenagers is slowly diminishing. Therefore, regardless of how many laser treatments or facelifts you do, there is no replacement for the value dermal fillers.

At Denver Laser Solutions, the cost of dermal fillers typically starts around $550/syringe. When using multiple syringes at the same time, (which can be needed if you have waited too long before getting correction), then the cost at our office in downtown Denver drops up to $100 for the additional syringes.  Talk to your esthetician or doctor to find out what protocol is best for you.

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