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By Juliette Martinez, LE

The number one area that people tend to be concerned with as we age is the sagging skin under the jaw line and turkey neck. Both of these things make us appear significantly older than we actually are since our full cheeks have slid down and caused a jowling effect. You can definitely add volume back into the face creating full cheeks using filler, however it does not address the turkey neck. But there is a technology that can: Ultherapy.  It is the gold standard for tightening and lifting the skin no matter what part of your face gravity is taking its toll on. Ultherapy is the only FDA cleared device approved for skin lifting and has also been named the best skin tightening treatment by the Peoples' Choice Awards.

The simplest description of how Ultherapy works is that there are two ultrasound points that are delivered directly down into the connective tissue. Those ultrasound points create friction when they meet causing thermal coagulation points (the heat causes the tissue to contract) and creates a tightening and lifting effect. The surrounding skin helps heal the injury points by reorganizing collagen which strengthens the skin's support system. Unlike other skin tightening devices that use bulk heating, your therapist can see exactly where the energy is being delivered so you receive the best possible treatment. When performing an Ultherapy treatment, we use different depths to get the best results since superficial treatments in the dermis are great for the appearance fine lines where treating deeper down into connective tissue is better for lifting sagging skin. Since the collagen remodeling process does take time and you are relying on your body's natural healing response, results are gradual. Most people see the full effects of Ultherapy 6 months after the treatment. That is why we take before and after photos before treatment, about 3 months after and again in six months to track each individuals' progress.

This is a great option for someone who wants to do something to address their mild to moderate skin laxity without having to go through a surgical procedure or deal with the downtime surgery presents. There is very minimal to no downtime with Ultherapy. Occasionally there may be some end point bruising (the green-yellow bruising as opposed to blue-black) typically near the jaw line. Also there may be a little numbness or tingling in the area that subsides within about a week or so after treatment. The treatment itself is not the most relaxing so 800 mg of Ibuprofen is recommended for optimal comfort during the procedure.

Using Botox and the NuFace device in conjunction with Ultherapy make a cocktail for stunning results. All three of these things create a lifting effect by doing different functions. Botox relaxes the muscles that cause expression lines and then the other muscles start to compensate for them causing the lift. NuFace uses microcurrent technology and essentially gives your muscles a work out aiding in tone and contour of facial features.

Schedule a complimentary consultation at our Downtown Denver office to find out if you're a good candidate for Ultherapy or if you're looking for a quick fix, give Botox a try. It can provide a bit of a brow lift while softening fine lines over time. We have a variety of anti-aging treatments for all stages of life so give us a call at 303.578.3809 or schedule online at denverlasersolutions.com so we can help decide what is best for your skin.

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