Top 5 Non-surgical Skincare Treatments that Produce a Dramatic Effect

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By Tiffany Martelli, LE

Whether you have or have not received skincare treatments in the past, knowing which services will give you the best value for your dollar is important in making the right decisions for your skin. Facials, Microdermabrasion, lunchtime chemical peels and eyebrow waxings are all therapeutic, surface layer treatments great for overall skin health. But when it comes time to really turn back the damage caused by years in the sun, stress on our bodies, pollution in the air, and chronological aging, medical grade in-office skincare treatments are the route to go. Listed in order of most requested skincare concerns are the top five nonsurgical treatments that produce dramatic effects.

Photofacial- Every woman wants to walk around with no makeup on and every man wants to avoid skin cancer. Whether male or female we find that the majority of our clients first priority is clearing the skin tone. Over the years accumulation of sun and age produces brown spots that make the skin uneven in color and, for women, require a full coverage makeup to conceal. At the cost of $295 per session for treatment of the face, photofacial uses intense pulsed light to lift up and remove sun spots, age spots, dark splotches, redness and broken capillaries revealing a clear even skin tone.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing- Wrinkled skin needs a stronger support system. The same way we exercise our muscles, by breaking them down and letting them heal to become stronger, we do to the skin. This popular skin rejuvenation treatment also known as CO2, dot therapy, or Fraxel pushes hundreds of tiny laser beams into the skin causing thermal injuries, in response, your body stimulates collagen and elastin fibers to heal the wounded areas and in turn strengthens the integrity of the skin and softens lines and wrinkles. Prices range from $1200+ 

Dermal Fillers- Starting as soon as in your early 30's dermal fillers are the best non-surgical option for maintaining a youthful appearance. As we age our body starts to displace fat, the round baby face we once had in our teens and early 20's starts to thin out, our cheeks begin to have less volume, circles start to appear under our eyes and the smile lines around our mouth start to deepen and crease. All of this can be instantly corrected with Dermal Fillers. The cost of dermal fillers will range largely depending upon how much product is used, i.e how many syringes.  The cost per syringe ranges from $500-$800 depending upon which product is needed for your specific corrections.  However the return on investment is huge considering your results are instantaneous and can last up to two years.

Non Surgical Face Lift/Skin Tightening- Two to three years ago this treatment would not have made this list.  Figuring out how to defy gravity without making an incision into the skin has been a long time coming. There are many technologies on the market that claim skin tightening, but only one that actually has the indication from the FDA to produce a visible facelift. Heat in the connective tissue just above the muscle is what is causing an improvement in skin laxity, the trick has been how to produce the heat and deliver it to the right depth without losing it's effectiveness.  Ultherapy, the latest device to join the team of ever evolving skin tightening technology, has hit the nail on the head. Ultherapy is unique in that it uses focused Ultrasound to deliver the precise amount of heat at the precise depth under the skin while bypassing the surface.  Just like with fractional skin resurfacing, the heat causes thermal wounds stimulating a repair response in the connective tissue. Over the course of 4-6 months the body's natural healing response causes the skin to tighten and lift. The cost of Ultherapy is around $2000 for a one time treatment on the face and neck. 

TCA Peel- Go big or go home!  Trichloroacetic acid peels range in strength, a medical grade of 15% or higher is aggressive enough to produce significant improvements, estheticians love them because they are also used to treat a wide variety of skin conditions.  TCA peels are used to reduce brown spots and age spots, improve the texture of leathery, sun damaged skin and impart more glow, to improve melasma, treat some types of acne and reduce fine lines.  The peeling process is a unique and interesting way to reveal smooth, clear, baby's bottom skin in under a week! Expect to pay $150-$300 per session.

You can maintain a youthful appearance without going under the knife for many years by diligently taking care of your skin with in-office non-surgical technologies.   Talk with your esthetician or skincare doctor about your concerns and the treatment options that are available to you in your area.  

You might just be pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish within a reasonable budget!

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