Top 5 Skincare Trends for Men in 2016

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By Tiffany Martelli, LE

Men of course are still a minority clientele for the skincare industry yet it does not seem to be a fad that laser hair removal and skin care treatments for men are becoming more and more popular. In my personal experience as an esthetician of almost 10 years I see women becoming more concerned about their skin around the age of 30. It takes men longer to start taking action with their skin care as they do not seem as concerned with prevention and fortunately they show signs of age a bit slower than women as well. At our downtown Denver skin care clinic our top 5 male related skin care services are as follows:

Laser Hair Removal- Laser hair removal for men is our top selling service. Just like women, as men get older they start growing hair in areas they never had it before. The ears, nose, neckline, and back are the most popular areas for permanent hair reduction for men. However the bikini line and gluteal  cleft are also requested from the younger generation.

Photofacial- Society is educating our children better these days to apply sunscreen at an early age to prevent skin cancer, which is wonderful, but as we slowly make this change there are baby boomers and Gen X clients who are now getting recommendations from their dermatologist to receive photofacial treatments for men. Photofacials remove sun spots that could otherwise turn into irregular cell growth, therefore photofacials for men are both corrective and preventative.

Botox- Men most definitely are not as dedicated to skin care as women and for them a quick fix is a better value in their eyes than on going skin care. I personally do not encourage this type of ideology but you can only educate so much!  The most popular area for Botox for men in Denver is the crows feet.  The smile lines around men's eyes tend to be their biggest concern. 

Large Pore Treatment- have you ever noticed areas on your face where the skin is raised in a circle? These are overgrown pores filled with sebum, they are called sebaceous hyperplasia. A good home skincare regime would prevent these overgrown pores but because men do not spend as much time on their skin we tend to see sebaceous hyperplasia more predominantly in men. A treatment using a small electrical probe is inserted into the pore and heated, dissolving and removing it.

Micropeel- Micropeels are often recommended in conjunction with photofacial, therefore by default this treatment is number five on our list.  With the ability to give both mechanical and chemical exfoliation at the same time, micropeel is an excellent intensive skincare treatment. Deep exfoliation reveals a brighter more reflective complexion while allowing nutrition to be easily absorbed into the deeper skin layers, providing a healthy glow.

As our business grows we see our male clientele increase as well.  So much so that we are now planning an event specifically tailored for men. Male Monday is coming soon to Denver Laser Solutions! At this event we will be offering complementary mini peel treatments, Botox at $8/unit, $100 off injectable fillers, and other vendors offering services geared toward the beauty and wellness industry. 

Look for our Male Monday event in late August 2016 and call 303.578.3809 to reserve your space!

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