What's a "Liquid Facelift"?

Liquid Facelift

By Tiffany Martelli, LE

Many of our Denver Medspa and facial clients want to avoid surgery. This is why our non-surgical age related skincare treatments at Denver Laser Solutions are very popular, the "Liquid Facelift" being one of them.

Our bodies age in many ways through the decades, exercise, diet and good skincare are a great recipe for preventing the inevitable, but as we well know time will tell and we will always be needing some additional help to enhance the hard work we have done to preserve our youthful appearance. The skin, our largest organ and most exposed to the elements, particularly on our face is where signs of aging are most commonly displayed. In the form of sun spots, dull looking skin, lines and wrinkles, sagging jowls, turkey neck, drooping eyelids or dark circles, there is a non-surgical option to help give you improvement.

As the downtown Denver community is becoming more educated on non-surgical skincare options, they contact us at Denver Laser Solutions before going to their surgeon. The Liquid Facelift is more popular then ever as it requires absolutely no physical downtime, no anesthesia and instant gratification.

Still some of our Denver clients what to know if and when they should consider a surgical facelift. What we tell them is that no matter how much you pull back and tighten the skin, a surgical facelift will still never have the ability to add volume back into the face. Fat loss is inevitable, as you may notice over the years your face thins out, becomes more elongated, and less "bubbly". That youthful plump appearance you used to have is now gone. Denver Fillers such as Juvéderm and Voluma are the way to instantly replace lost volume.

In essence the Liquid Facelift is the process of using multiple injectable fillers in many areas of the face to make corrections of deep lines and wrinkles, augment cheeks and contour bone structures for an instantly more youthful appearance with no downtime. The price can range from $1200-$3000 depending upon how much correction the particular individual will need and results will last up to two years.

It's not to say that you may never consider a surgical facelift, it's just that you will never get the volume back with just a facelift alone. At our downtown Denver medispa we specialize in nonsurgical skin care options so our first line of defense will always be a low risk, result oriented treatment like the Liquid Facelift.

We like suggesting the Liquid Facelift for skincare clients who may be considering a surgical option but are not interested in the risks or downtime associated with it, who tell us that their main concern is sagging and drooping around the mouth, who are looking to invest in long term rejuvenation, and who have a budget appropriate with the cost of Fillers. As Denver is a health conscious community we have many people skeptical about going under the knife and choosing the non-invasive skincare route.

To find if you are a good candidate for our Denver liquid facelift contact us at 303.578.3809 for a complementary consultation.

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