3 Ways Microcurrent Can Help Your Skin at Any Age

Microcurrent and your skin, Downtown Denver Skincare

By: Colleen Dolan, LE

By using a low level current that mimics the body’s bio-electricity, microcurrent has numerous applications and has been used in the medical industry for over fifty years.  Initially used in hospitals and clinics to help stimulate wound healing and injury recovery, the cosmetic use wasn’t discovered until a decade or so ago, during treatment of patients with Bell’s palsy. They noticed their patients wanting to continue with treatment because of the lifted, youthful look microcurrent provided.   It wasn’t long after that spas and clinics started offering this technology with pretty significant results.

But how exactly does microcurrent affect the skin and how does it help you look younger? Not only just for anti-aging, microcurrent works in three different ways to benefit the skin:

Reeducates muscles which provides a lifted effect.  Facial muscles are unique in comparison to most muscles in the body, as they are directly attached to the skin giving us the ability to express emotions (smiling, frowning, etc). As we age, gravity pulls us down and our muscles and skin begin to lengthen and droop.  By mimicking the body’s own neural stimulus, microcurrent shortens the muscle fibers, giving a lifted appearance.  The change is instantly apparent, even though you will never feel your muscle contracting!  Even younger clientele can benefit from this lifted effect, as it will create more definition and contouring along the jawline and cheekbones.

Assists in product penetration via Iontophoresis. By using microcurrent’s electrical field to our advantage, iontophoresis works under the principle of like charges repelling eachother.  This drives any water-based serum or product deeper into the skin making it easier for your “living skin cells” (the dermis) to better utilize the ingredients.

Increases ATP production, the food that our cells need to operate.  Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy source used to power every cell in our body.  By increasing ATP production, we are making the skin cells run more efficiently and speeds the manufacture of new cells, including collagen and elastin.

Microcurrent has been shown to provide many benefits to the skin, but keep in mind the results only last as long as you are receiving treatment!  That is why we recently decided to sell NuFace for our downtown Denver clientele, which is a handheld version of older machines that were only available at spas and medical offices.  By using microcurrent at home as well as in the clinic, results last longer with greater benefits.  Similar to exercising, results are cumulative, so keeping NuFace in your regimen will keep your skin looking its best!

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