Jade Stones: The exotic experience you will want to add to your next facial!

Jade Stones for your facial

by: Rene Sacchitella

Here at Denver Laser Solutions we love trying new things to keep our menu interesting and ever evolving!  Through continuing education we learn a lot of super cool, nifty techniques originating from many different cultures around the world.  Our new Jade Stone Enhancement is Asian inspired, offering multiple benefits for the skin.  


Jade is a type of stone that is typically a variety of green colors and has been renowned in many cultures. Beautiful green jade has been regarded as a rare and powerful stone that has ornamentally been worn by royalty. The cultural importance of jade has spread across time throughout the entire world. In ancient Egypt, jade was thought to be the stone of love and in early Native American societies it was a stone for luck. Ancient Chinese traditions have valued jade for not only the metaphysical qualities but in the incorporation of their medicinal practices as well. 


Based on Chinese medicine, the application of massage with jade stones, also called "Guasha", can bring many different benefits to your normal wellness routine. Traditionally, in eastern medicine practices, heath, beauty, peaceful mind and spirit all intertwine together. For this reason, jade stone treatments are considered to bring relief to a number of concerns such as sinus problems, headaches, TMJ syndrome as well as rejuvenation in the skin. Jade stone treatments are considered to be designed to normalize the flow of energy and blood to the face an neck while promoting lymphatic drainage. Manual lymphatic drainage is the gentle massage modality that encourages the flushing of the lymph nodes which can build up with toxins. Guasha also promotes positive energy and opens the main meridians that run through the face with a gentle massage with the stones themselves. This technique incorporates the embodiment of total wellness. 


This holistic aesthetic treatment balances and rejuvenates the entire integrity of the complexion.  Guasha brings nutrients back to the skin by promoting blood flow, facial fascia and lymphatic drainage with the manual application of jade stones. After treatment you can start to reap the benefits of refinement of the brow, cheek and jaw line contours and the reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, sagging or discolored skin as well as improvement in overall appearance of the complexion. The application of the cold soothing stones are the perfect tools for a complex facial massage that promotes a number of firming and clarifying benefits. 


 At Denver Laser Solutions, you can now upgrade any facial with our jade stone enhancement. This upgrade takes place after the cleansing and toning, before the application of the masques to promote these benefits of circulation.  Our Age Defying Facial, best for lifting and firming, is the most popular recommendation along with this exotic enhancement since jade stones are a great tool to incorporate for a more supple firming appearance to the skin. 

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