LED: What Can It Do for the Skin?

LED skin treatments Denver

Light eliminating diodes or LED technology has been used in both the skin care and medical industry for many years now.  Backed by numerous studies and tests, LED therapy has the ability to reduce inflammation, speed healing, stimulate collagen, treat breakouts, and even help with pigmentation. With that in mind our Denver facial clientele now have the option to receive this service during any one of their DLS signature facials. The results from using LED technology are clear, but how exactly does LED interact with our skin?  Well, that depends on the color being used.

Red LED is the most commonly used color in the medical and cosmetic field, as its wound-healing and anti-aging benefits have been proven with years of studies.  Simply put, red wavelengths penetrate the deepest into the skin and increases ATP production in skin cells.  Produced in the mitochondria, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the power source used by every cell in the body.  When cells get stressed (whether due to aging, illness, injury, etc) the production of ATP slows and causes an overproduction of reactive oxygen species (think of internal free radicals that cause cell death).   By increasing ATP production not only are we are keeping oxidative stress better in check, but it also increases cell proliferation, growth, and decreases inflammation.  Basically, it gives your cells the boost it needs to perform at peak efficiency, leading to increased collagen and elastin production in the skin. 

At Denver Laser Solutions we love promoting Cellular Code and Excellence Code both from Yon-ka skincare because they have similar features to the benefits of LED.  In a highly active anti-aging serum and cream these skincare products are most commonly recommended to our 40 years of age of older facial clients or women going through early menopause. 

Blue LED is used in the treatment of acne and kills bacteria in a very unique way.  Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, contains porphyrins, naturally occurring molecules that have the ability to absorb certain wavelengths (similar to photosynthesis in plants).  When blue LED wavelengths are absorbed, it produces oxygen in the bacteria, effectively destroying it from the inside out.  This reduces inflammation, speeds the healing of any blemishes, as well as prevent new blemishes from forming.

Yon-ka's Emulsion Pure works great in combination with blue light therapy as it is packed full of essential oils that assist in purification and balancing of the skin.

What about other colors?  Green LED has been shown to reduce pigmentation of the skin, although scientists are still trying to figure out why this is taking place.  Amber (yellow) light has been shown to reduce inflammation and is beneficial to those suffering from rosacea.

At Denver Laser Solutions we are proud to offer LED enhancements to any of our facials.  Want to try an LED enhancement but unsure of which facial to get?  We highly recommend adding blue LED to our Balancing facial to kill bacteria after extractions or red LED to our Age Correction facial to jumpstart any anti-aging regime.  

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