An Introduction to Yon-Ka

By: Juliette Martinez Asethetician, Certified Laser Technician


Denver Laser Solutions aims to provide an experience unlike anything else available. Unlike other typical American medi-spa’s, DLS is unique. We provide luxury facials along with quality technology for a comprehensive skin care regimen for all of our downtown Denver skincare clientele. The skincare line that is very unique to Denver Laser is called Yon-ka Paris.


Yon-ka keeps its integrity by making their skincare line exclusively available to skincare professionals who have become certified to carry them so that their core values are never compromised.


Yon-Ka, can be broken down to prefix Yon, meaning rapid and purifying river and Ka which is an ancient Egyptian term for a vital and eternal force found in each and every one of us. Yon-ka was founded by Cecil Ernst and Charles Mulethaler with strong interest in distinctive aromas of plant extracts. Ones that they experimented with on themselves along with friends and family. In 1954 they founded Mulethaler Laboratories where they began more rigorous and extensive research on marine extracts: lotions (toners), creams, massage oils, and synergistic blends such as their patented Quintessence. Quintessence is Yon-ka's signature blend of five essential oils including lavender, rosemary, thyme, cypress, and geranium. You can find at least one quintessence, a combination or all in every Yon-ka product.


By incorporating Yon-Ka skincare at Denver Laser Solutions we get the ability to address not only your primary skin concerns but also the energy and spiritual aspect of wellbeing.


By 1968, Yon-ka skincare went from being a small scale operation to a worldwide company branching out into other countries. Daughter and niece, Francoise (bio-chemist) and Catherine (aesthetician) Mulethaler took over the business and launched it to the next level as far as industrial processes and commercial development. As the line began taking off, the two women rounded up pharmacists, chemical engineers, biologists, bacteriologists, and aestheticians to ensure quality products with the highest safety controls.


When Yon-ka manufactures their products, it is all done in a filtered air environment that is ten times more pure than the air at the North Pole. Also, the phyto or plant based ingredients are all of purest quality from 130 different countries all over the world. For example, much of the lavender and cypress come from Provence, which is the region located along southeastern France on the Meditterranean Sea. Geranium is derived from Egypt, and rosemary and thyme from Morocco. Yon-ka defines and differentiates itself from any other skincare brand by using the highest quality essential oils, absolutely no artificial fragrance or perfumes and, keeping to Charles and Cecil's original core beliefs, utilizing the art of beauty rituals and extensively researching every product they create to ensure efficacy.


Francoise and Catherine decided that creating an unmatched spa experience could also help define Yon-ka not only as a skincare line, but as a luxurious yet effective skin treatment. In 2003, Yon-ka launched its first spa, L'eSPACE in Paris, France, where they now gather inspiration for new treatments by listening to the current desires of their clients. Today, there are over 5,000 spas and resorts around the world including Argentina, Canada, and South Korea that provide the exceptional treatments Yon-ka has to offer.


Come by Denver Laser Solutions to enjoy a world renowned experience with one of Yon-ka's signature facials and for an added boost of detoxification, try one of our new jade stone add-ons.  

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