Skincare Multi-Taskers

By: Colleen Dolan, LE


As an esthetician, you can imagine the array of skincare products I have at my own home. I must admit- I can be a bit of a product hoarder. It is all too easy for me to purchase every lotion, serum, scrub, and mask that we carry at Denver Laser Solutions. The only problem is that I live downtown, where space is at a premium. Before I know it, my bathroom is overflowing with skincare products and I can't even see my counter. My tiny apartment can only hold so much stuff!


Keeping my small bathroom in mind, I tend to be very selective in what I purchase for my own skin care needs. I love products that have the ability to be used in different ways- it gives me more options, saves me money, and also keeps my bathroom clutter-free! Here are a few multi-tasking skincare products that I use the most:


Yon-ka's Hydralia is a versatile hydration booster that can be used both alone or mixed with other products. Being able to customize your moisturizer to suit your needs is fantastic here in Colorado since we tend to need different levels of hydration for each season. One bottle lasts quite a long time, as you only need a couple drops to increase the hydration potential of any moisturizer or serum. We even sometimes use Hydralia undiluted during our facials to hydrate and prep the skin before extractions!


Total Resurfacing Mask from Image Skincare is a fantastic product in general- I would have this in my arsenal even if it was a one-trick pony, but being able to use it in different ways is always a plus! In addition to being a great exfoliating mask, it can be mixed with any cleanser to boost its exfoliation power, as well as a topical spot treatment for blemishes.


Yon-ka's Gommage 305 is one of my absolute favorite multi-taskers. It is normally used as a gentle exfoliator- after cleansing, apply a thin layer to a dry face and wait for it to form a gel, then start rubbing until it starts to "ball up" and brush it off the skin, taking dead skin cells along with it. In addition to also being a fantastic soothing mask, I use this product post-chemical peel to minimize the appearance of peeling or flaking skin. Not only does it hydrate, but it makes makeup application a lot easier while you are still in the peeling process. It can also minimize the look of peeling from sunburns too (which should never happen because you are all wearing your sunscreen, right?).


You may have heard of the term "BB cream" or beauty balm cream, these are products that act like a light foundation but also contain other skin care benefits. I particularly love the Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF from Image Skincare, it is a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 which contains a blend of anti-oxidants to decrease the damaging effects of the sun and environmental exposure. Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly while providing an even skin tone and a healthy glow!


There are a lot of great tricks out there, and if you have questions about which skincare products will work best for you please schedule a complimentary consultation, I am happy to help!

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