Top Six Things to get Your Skin Ready for School

By: Colleen Dolan, LE


As Denver summer months draw to a close and school starts back up, it can be a stressful and daunting time. This school year you can put your best face forward by following these six skin care tips that will leave you glowing and confident.


  • Keep a consistent skincare routine, and stick with it. This includes washing off your makeup at night! We all have been guilty of falling asleep with our makeup on at some point, but if you struggle with breakouts, sleeping with makeup on sets back all of the hard work you have done with keeping your skin blemish-free. One of those days where you are so exhausted you can't be bothered to get up and wash your face? Try Yon-ka's Eau Micellaire waterless cleanser- it removes makeup, dirt, and debris without the need for rinsing.


  • Make sure you get plenty of zzz's. They call it beauty sleep for a reason! During the summer months we tend to stay up later, throwing off our normal sleeping schedule. Numerous studies have shown that sleep sends your skin into "repair mode", reducing fine lines, dark circles, and speeds the healing of breakouts. Making sure you are getting enough sleep is not only important for your skin, it is crucial to your overall health.


  • Skin looking dull? Exfoliate! As one of the most important things you should do for your skin, exfoliation can give instant, glowing results. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week is essential in keeping your skin looking its best. Microdermabrasion or micropeels are a fantastic way to jumpstart an exfoliation routine as you will want to keep that gorgeous glow going long after the treatment.


  • Water. We all know how important drinking plenty of water is, especially here in Denver. You have heard it time and time again to drink more water, but rarely do we ever drink the amount we should. Think of it this way: drinking water is one of the most significant, cost-effective anti-aging and anti-blemish treatments you can do, it is basically free!


  • Wash your makeup brushes. Honestly, when was the last time you washed your brushes? Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria that could lead to breakouts or even worse, an eye infection. Cleaning your brushes on a regular basis will ensure you are keeping both your makeup and face uncontaminated.


  • Blackheads? Skip the pore strips and get a facial instead. There are plenty of products on the market that will help reduce the appearance of blackheads, but none of them will ever be as effective as manual extractions during a facial. Pore strips tend to cause a lot of irritation and redness with inconsistent results, A good extraction session done by a trained esthetician is going to be your best bet in deep cleaning those pores.


Get straight A’s when you have confidence in the way you look! If you or your child is struggling with acne book a DLS Balancing Facial to help diminish breakouts and prevent new acne from occurring.  

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