The Truth About Pores


At our downtown Denver med-spa we offer so many treatments to help with 
numerous skin conditions. From age spots to lines and wrinkles, sagging skin 
and hair removal. Yet, ironically a large portion of our skincare clientele 
have concerns about their pore size! This month of July 2015 our Yon-Ka 
triple clay Mask 103 and Mask 105 are on sale for this particular reason. 
The potent concentration of clay in these masks absorb oils and purify the 
pores by drawing out impurities.


What other options are there for pore refinement you may ask? Let us delve 
into the truth about pores to give you a better understanding of what can be 


1. What exactly are pores?

Pores are actually found all over our body. With the exception of very few 
places such as our eyelids these tiny little holes in the skin are where 
hair follicles live and how the body naturally moisturizes itself with oil 


2. Why do my pores looks so much larger than other people’s?

As much as we hate to believe it, we were born with the pores we were given! 
Yes, genetics determines this and other characteristics of your skin. As 
Aestheticians, when we analyze your skin under our magnifying light the first 
thing we discuss with you is your skin type. You were born with either dry, 
combination or oily skin. To determine this we are looking to see how far 
from the center of the face large pores travel. The more large pores spread 
across the face the oilier skin type you have. Smaller more refined pores 
throughout the face result in a dryer skin type.


3. Certain skin care products claim to shrink pores how can this be possible 
if my pore size is genetically determined?

Although genetics determines your pore size overproduction of oil produced 
by the sebaceous glands combined with dead skin cell build up will enlarge 
the pore. These "clogged pores" result in blackheads which can stretch the 
pore opening making them appear larger. Both controlling the amount of oil 
on the surface along with exfoliating dead skin cells will help refine the 
look of your pores.


4. What are the best treatments for controlling clogged pores?

In office mild salicylic acid peels help to loosen dead cells and absorb 
excess oil production along with extractions during a facial which will 
speed up the cleansing process. But while both of these will help solve the 
problem they will not stop the continual genetic dead cell build up in the 
follicle. At Denver Laser Solutions we promote a daily home use of alpha 
hydroxy acid which helps remove cell build up and keep the pores clean. Both 
Yon-ka Alpha Complex and Image Total Anti-aging Serum are both good options 
for daily use.


We also love Yon-ka's triple clay Mask 103 and Mask 105 for pore refinement. 
Clay masks have the ability to pull water, oil and pollution from the skin 
resulting in a tightening sensation and refined texture.


5. Nothing is working! My pores no matter what I do always look large. 
What's going on?

Hence the reason as aestheticians we preach sun protection on a daily, even 
hourly basis. The sun damages our skin in so many ways, by breaking down 
collagen and elastin fibers, lines and wrinkles sunspots and even these 
large pores are a result. Scar tissue may form from prior acne lesions which 
may also make the pore shrinking process impossible.


A good cleansing regime along with oil control and exfoliation of dead skin 
cells is your answer to shrinking large pores. This protocol will also help 
prevent acne breakouts which in turn will help prevent large pores from 
appearing in the first place. And of course wear your broad spectrum SPF!


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Learn more about our Yon-ka special for July.


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