20 Little Known Facts about Our Tiffany Martelli

Tiffany Martelli is the original founder of Denver Laser Solutions. She has worked in Denver skin care for over seven years. Here are 20 little known facts about her:


Originally from: Boston


I moved to Colorado because: of my boyfriend. My boyfriend is an avid skier and wanted to experience living in the mountains.  We moved to Copper Mountain, and I lived and worked for a year and a half before I made enough connections to start my own business. At that point I moved to Denver and began my mobile laser hair removal business. Later, I found a permanent location inside The Denver Athletic Club.


I chose to go into skin care because: I was a hairy Italian girl and a gymnast. Being in a leotard on a four foot tall balance beam does not make it easy to hide stubble and in-grown hairs.  I got my first laser hair removal treatment right out of high school on my bikini line. It was the largest purchase I had ever made at that time, and knowing I would want to do all areas of my body, I thought it best if I someday purchase my own laser hair removal equipment - so I did.


My favorite part of my job is:  I have been in the skin care industry for over seven years. Being confident that I can handle my clients’ needs and provide them with the results they asked for is, at this point, my favorite part of my job!


My favorite skin treatment to personally receive is: a hydrating facial with a microdermabrasion add on!


My least favorite part of my job is: Paying the bills! Lol, well who really enjoys this? Haha.


The most popular treatment I give is: dermaplaning. As we mature, many women notice their peach fuzz populates or even gets longer.  Because permanent hair reduction only works for dark hair, dermaplaning is the alternative for lighter hair. It is a temporary, but highly successful way to remove unwanted facial hair, while at the same time rejuvenating the skin. We are also most widely known for our Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Permanent laser hair removal services because of the comfort, speed and success of this technology.


You are most likely to find me on a random Tuesday night at: Osteria Marco  in the winter and Machete's  in the summer. I love Osteria Marco’s dungeon and the Neapolitan style pizza and their abundant and delicious red wine selection. At Machete's I always have their Cadillac Skinny Margarita while I enjoy their open patio and great music selection.


My drink of choice is: Gosh, it depends on where I am. If I am not drinking red wine or margaritas then I am at a brew house, and my absolute favorite beer is the Colorado Native. Did you know that every ingredient is home grown in Colorado? Even the hops! And it is soooo yummy.


My favorite vacation was to: Newport, Rhode Island last summer with my friends and family.  It was so much fun being all together. But to tell you the truth, I don't travel much.  I think this is something I will do when I am older.  My motto has always been work hard, play hard but work first, - and so I work a lot right now.


You are most likely to find me: on the mountain hiking with my dogs on the weekends.  We used to be up in Copper almost every weekend until just recently. I have hiked a lot in Summit County, but I am now beginning to explore other areas of Colorado. Just last month we hiked Mt. Evans and last week we did Lookout Mountain!


My favorite place for dinner in Denver is: Sushi Hai for a sit down, more expensive and extended dinner, and Viva Burrito for the freshest, most delicious and authentic Mexican "fast food".


If I didn’t live in Denver I would: likely be living in Massachusetts, where I am from.  In a fantasy, I am a hard working business woman and socialite in New York City. Lol.


My favorite movie of all time is: Fight Club


My pet peeve is: having a sit down meal with someone else, and they pick food off of your plate because they want to "try" it.


Three little known facts about me are: I wash my face every night before bed, I have three sisters and two brothers, and I hate coconuts.


I spend too much time: cleaning my house.


I don’t spend enough time: at the gym.


The talent I would most like to have is: to be a good singer.


My most treasured possession is: my dogs


To schedule an appointment for Denver Laser Solutions laser hair removal or Denver skin care services, book an appointment online or call us at 303.578.3809.  

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