Juliette And Her Recommended Moisturizing Routine

 Denver Laser Solutions is pleased to introduce our intern, Juliette. Juliette is currently completing her Esthetics program at Heritage College of Denver and is excited to be starting her career as an Esthetician, however she does not want to stop there. After obtaining her degree from Heritage, Juliette plans to become laser certified and eventually would like to own her own laser and esthetics clinic some day. Juliette is most interested in treatments that offer lasting results in peoples' skin. She became interested in esthetics because she is lucky enough to have two aunts that are licensed estheticians that treated her teenage skin and sparked her curiosity in the skincare industry.


Juliette is a Colorado native and finds that many people forget a very important part of their skincare routine, (especially in our dry climate.) Moisturize! Many think they are getting the job done by simply cleansing their skin daily. First of all, it is important to cleanse your face morning and night, but don't stop there. You strip your face free of oils so you must replenish with a moisturizer or you might have some adverse reactions.


You may think since you just cleansed all the debris and oils off so you don't want to add more. Well you could be causing the opposite reaction because your oil glands may kick into overdrive in order to compensate for your stripped skin causing the breakout you were trying to avoid!


Next, leaving your skin cleansed by itself may feel extra dry and tight. This could cause your skin to become more susceptible to fine lines, wrinkles, and free radicals causing premature aging.


So next time you want to skip the moisturizer, remember the damage you could be causing your skin!


We have a great variety of moisturizing products for every skin type here at Denver Laser Solutions. You can order our products online at www.denverlasersolutions.com or stop by and see us on the rooftop level of the Denver Athletic Club.

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