An Introduction to Botox

Since the invention of Botox it continues to be a growing market and demand for this service is always high. The best way to get a quick fix and give yourself a beauty boost is with the injection of Botox. That frown line that always makes you look mad or the lines around your eyes that give away your age can easily be corrected with Botox. Just like any quick fix Botox is not a lasting solution. The effects wear off after about four months and injections are needed again. Adding Botox to your customized skincare program is a good idea but Botox on it's own will always just be a quick fix.


Other services are available at Denver Laser Solutions including chemical peels, lash and brow tinting, waxing and injectable fillers. Being located in downtown Denver gives us versatility for both those working and living in the area. And our convenient location inside The Denver Athletic Club and close to 16th St. mall is walkable to the community.


The staff at Denver Laser Solutions takes pride in what they do. We continue to educate ourselves by attending seminars, watching webinars, reading books, and collaborating with the aesthetic community to keep our knowledge up-to-date on a consistent basis.


Book online or call us at 303.578.3809 or 866.563.4007 to make an appointment to visit us in downtown Denver for facials or Botox today!

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