Skin Tightening And Eliminating "Turkey Neck"

Skin tightening has always been a challenge in the noninvasive skincare world. After doing a lot of research and a lot of testing, Denver Laser Solutions is proud to announce the investment into Ultherapy! The first and one and only focused ultrasound technology FDA cleared to lift the skin.

Many of our older clients noticing jowling around the jawline or "turkey neck" have not had many successful options for good improvement until now. Focused ultrasound is a one and done treatment opposed to radiofrequency skin tightening which bulk heats the skin and requires up to eight sessions.

Ultherapy is the only device able to cause thermo-coagulation in depths of the skin tissue reached only by surgeons in the past. And doing so without affecting the epidermis allowing for zero downtime. The fact that clients can see excellent results and only need to go through one treatment is what makes this device extremely popular other areas such as the brows, around the eyes, the neck and décolleté can also be treated. 

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