How to Pick the Right Denver Microdermabrasion Services for You

There can be enormous differences in microdermabrasion exfoliating treatments and therefore there can be enormous differences in the end result. As you are making the investment in youthful and healthy skin you should make sure you do enough research to ensure that you are picking the best Denver area microdermabrasion service for you. In considering your options it is important to consider two different things: the technology and the technician. A few things to look for to help you select the best Denver microdermabrasion option:

1. Remember you deserve diamonds and not crystals

There are two different kinds of microdermabrasion services available. The first is the older technique which utilizes salt, sand or crystals. This process can hurt or scratch the skin and can also emit toxic fumes if crystals are used in the process. The other technique is that utilized at Denver Laser Solutions: DiamondTomeTM technology. This technology utilizes a diamond encrusted wand which provides a gentle, non-harmful, non-toxic microdermabrasion exfoliation technique which takes away all the old dead and dull skin cells leaving you with glowing and youthful skin.

2. Look for before and after pictures

Due to the abrasive techniques used by some skin treatment facilities many do not want to provide new clients with before and after photos of exfoliation treatments. However at Denver Laser Solutions we are so proud of the technology we have selected for our clients and the results that it gives that we proudly display our before and after pictures for all to see.

3. Verify Certification

All of Denver Laser Solutions technicians who treat clients with microdermabrasion services are state certified aestheticians. If you are concerned with the certification status of the person performing your skin treatments or if you just want to verify certification you can contact the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) for additional information. Some Denver based microdermabrasion technicians choose or would prefer not to share their background and experience, but at Denver Laser Solutions we are very proud of the depth of experience and education our staff brings to our clientele and we are always happy to answer any and all of our client’s questions.


4. Cleanliness is King

The process of exfoliating skin can be a messy one if the wrong equipment is used. As microdermabrasion exfoliates the top most layer of skin, utilizing lower quality equipment could cause the dry, dead skin cells to go everywhere if a proper collection technique was not utilized. As these skin cells are very difficult to clean up it presents a significant sanitation issue for subsequent customers. This is why Denver Laser Solutions microdermabrasion technology is equipped with a high-tech vacuum that is constantly suctioning the removed skin cells ensuring both you and the client after you an extremely clean and sanitary environment.

5. Sterilization is Queen

Any company who takes pride in providing their clients a clean and healthy environment will be happy to provide you with whatever information you need about their treatments and sanitation practices. Ensuring the equipment is sterilized after each client is essential to ensuring you are making the right investment for clean and healthy skin. To put your mind at ease ask your aesthetician to explain to you how they sanitize their equipment.

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