Are all Laser Hair Removal Machines the Same?

The vast majority of our customers who visit us at Denver Laser Solutions are not aware of laser technology and honestly, why should they be? When selecting the right Denver laser hair removal solution it is important to know that there are considerable differences in lasers and as such there are considerable differences in the overall outcomes of laser hair removal services. When we started Denver Laser Solutions it was critically important to us that we provide our Denver area laser hair removal customers the absolute quickest and most comfortable laser hair removal services possible. This is why we chose Palomar StarLux IPL technology. Why? Because:

1. The quality of light is very important

There are two different types of lasers for laser hair removal. The first is the older version which provides one singular laser beam. The other is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which provides a much larger light beam. The difference in size between the smaller laser beam and the IPL light beam is similar to that of a pea and a business card and as such the laser beam approach is far slower and less effective than the much quicker IPL approach used by Denver Laser Solutions.

2. Comfort is critical

Laser hair removal is not only a permanent solution, but it is a practically painless solution as well. During the laser hair removal treatment, there is a bit of heat generated when the laser is warming the hair follicle. We at Denver Laser Solutions always want to make sure that even with this gentle warming our customers stay completely comfortable throughout the entire laser hair removal treatment. For this reason we chose the technology that does not require the application of aloe vera or a nearby fan for cooling as many options do, but the option that is equipped with an ice pack system which will continually and gently cool and comfort our Denver area clients during the entire laser hair removal treatment.

This cooling technology is especially important to our clients with darker skin. If laser hair removal technology is not equipped with the proper cooling system it can burn, blister or even permanently scar the skin. Denver Laser Solutions selected Palomar StarLux technology has built to deliver the best Denver area laser hair removal for all skin tones.

3. Not everyone is the same and we selected a laser to accommodate all of our customers personal needs

Many lasers come equipped with one wavelength. What does this mean for clients getting laser hair removal? If their hair and skin match the wavelength provided they will have a successful treatment and if their hair and skin do not match the wavelength, the treatment will be far less effective than desired. This is why Denver Laser Solutions chose the laser hair removal technology that not only accommodates all skin types but most hair types ensuring our Denver area laser hair removal clients get the best possible treatment for their investment.

4. Overall more comfort

A quicker, cooler and more effective laser means an overall better and more comfortable experience for our Denver area laser hair removal customers. We know that when you come to us you are making an investment in yourself and we chose the technology that not only will provide you the best laser hair treatment possible, but will also keep you cool and comfortable while you are in the office with us.

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