Laser Hair Removal for Men? We do it daily!

Understandably, many men are hesitant or even nervous about laser hair removal. Unfortunately there is a big misconception that laser hair removal is a service just for women. But, the truth is a large number of the Denver Laser Solutions clientele are men looking for solutions to annoying, timely and at times embarrassing hair removal problems. We hear time and time again how glad men in the Denver area are that they chose Denver Laser Solutions for laser hair removal. Why are they so happy? These are the top 5 reasons we are always hearing from men in the Denver area:

1. Need for speed

Many men come to us because they are unhappy with the hair on their backs and would like laser hair removal to provide a permanent solution to this annoying and at times embarrassing problem. Unlike women who many times want smaller areas treated with laser hair removal, men’s backs tend to be quite large and the laser hair removal treatment can be quite a long process with an improper laser. This is why Denver Laser Solutions uses Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) technology which delivers a much larger area of light allowing for a much bigger area of your skin to be treated quickly and efficiently!

2. Cool comfort

As the heat of the laser warms the hair follicle we want our customers to feel completely comfortable. While many laser hair removal solutions in Denver cool the skin via applying aloe vera or by placing a fan nearby, Denver Laser Solutions insisted on the Palomar StarLux IPL laser system which provides ice pack cooling technology and is applied directly and gently to cool and comfort the skin while providing a much safer permanent hair removal solution.

3. Your privacy is paramount

We know that laser hair removal, like any treatment, is a personal decision and a private matter. Maintaining the strictest of client privacy is a tenant in which our company was built. Denver Laser Solutions strictly adheres to all HIPPA guidelines and restrictions to keep your privacy how it should be – private.

4. We have the right laser technology for the Denver man’s laser hair removal needs

As technology is continually advancing so are the options for providing quicker and more comfortable laser hair removal services. Choose the wrong laser hair removal system and your treatment can be slow and ineffective. Select the right Denver laser hair removal system and your treatments will not be only quick and painless but will offer the exact result we know you are looking for. An important question to ask when selecting the right Denver laser hair removal solution is what type of laser will be used. If the laser only has one wavelength this means that the color and texture of your hair and skin must align with this wavelength or your treatment will be less effective than you likely desire. If you choose a laser that has multiple wavelengths such as that available at Denver Laser Solutions where all skin colors and most hair types are accommodated you are ensured the best laser hair removal treatment possible!

5. Go with those who know

At Denver Laser Solutions we know that laser hair removal is a personal choice for all of our customers but we also know that men, often times, have different levels of comfort about it than women. Our deep understanding of the different laser hair removal needs of men and women is one of the many reasons we feel we are Denver’s most popular choice for laser hair removal for men!

Book online today or call us at 303.578.3809 or 866.563.4007 to make an appointment to visit us in downtown Denver for laser hair removal for men today!

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