5 Ways to Achieve Successful Laser Hair Removal Treatments

There are two critical things to consider to get the best value from the money you will invest into laser hair removal: the technology and the technician.

As technology rapidly advances so are the lasers for hair removal. To get the best experience possible it is very important to understand the different available technologies so you can pick the best solution for you. Equally as important as the technology, is the technician who is performing the laser hair removal services. To ensure you get the best possible experience here are the top five things to consider in picking the best permanent hair reduction solution for you:

1. Look for the certification

All technicians operating a laser for hair removal services should be state certified aestheticians or nurses. You can verify that the person performing your Colorado or Denver laser hair removal service is properly certified by contacting the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) for additional information. Some technicians prefer not to share their background and experience, yet background and education should be available for you to easily see.

2. The more efficient the laser the better

Speed of the laser and the treatment is of course always important, but it is especially important when working with larger areas such as backs or legs. Many people in selecting the a clinic or specific technology forget to think about the importance of the speed and efficiency of the laser. In comparison to Laser for permanent hair reducation which is a small spot size about the size of your thumb, Intense Pulsed Light or IPL hair removal technology pulses quickly while covering a much larger surface area of skin, such as the size of two full fingers placed together, providing quick and surprisingly comfortable sessions for customers.

3. Cooling comfort and skin safe technology

Many permanent hair reduction technologies only provide a fan or application of aloe vera to cool the skin as the laser warms the hair follicle while others provide much more comfort and protection such as water cooled technology that dilivers an ice pack sensation to the skin before, during, and after each pulse of heat. This type of technology is more comfortable and safer especially for our clients with darker pigmented skin as without such a cooling they are at higher risk of burning or scarring their skin. For this reason some systems cannot be used with African American clients.

4. Get on the right wavelength

Lasers only provide one wavelength. This means if the color and/or type of your skin and hair do not match this wavelength the end result will likely mean a disappointment to you.  IPL technology provides a range of wavelengths to accommodate all types of skin and most hair types to provide customers the best and most effective services possible.

5. Privacy should be a #1 policy

All clients deserve the right to privacy. Look for clinics with digital chart and patient portals opposed to paper charts. It is much easier for a clinician to accidently eave other client charts in the open opposed to a password protacted cloud system. And look for clinics that strictly adhere to all HIPPA guidelines and regulations.

Needless shaving and permanent hair removal are only a few sessions away!

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