What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal and Tattoos

Laser hair removal can damage tattoos if not done properly
Lasers are attracted to dark colors and as such if the laser comes too close to the tattoo it can damage it. At Denver Laser Solutions we want to make sure our laser hair removal treatments are very safe for those who love ink, so we always make sure to mark a two to three centimeter diameter around the tattoo to indicate the area where the laser cannot go to – we do this to make sure both your investment in your tattoos and your investment in laser hair removal are well protected. This ensures your tattoo is well protected.

Laser hair removal can turn colored tattoos black if not done properly
If you are working with an improperly trained laser hair removal specialist or with a partner that has older equipment it is possible that the laser could come too close to the tattoo and turn it black! To avoid this, your laser hair removal partner should create a two to three centimeter perimeter around your tattoo to demark the area the laser should not go to, ensuring your tattoo is protected and your investment in laser hair removal is exactly as you wanted.

Denver Laser Solutions staff is thoroughly trained and certified in laser hair removal. We use the absolute best in technology and have worked with many satisfied Denver customers who were able to achieve the permanent hair removal goals they desired while keeping their tattoos completely protected.

Want to schedule a laser hair removal appointment in our conveniently located downtown Denver office? Book a laser hair removal appointment online or call us today at 303.578.3809.

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