The Deal with Those Annoying Red Bumps You Get from Shaving

Sometimes we get these bumps because we have goose bumps (some people have goose bumps all the time naturally) and then when you shave you are cutting the skin on top those goose bumps. (Ouch!) Thicker hair growth can also cause those red bumps and of course, in grown hairs can cause them to show their ugly red heads as well. Further, when you shave you are removing dead skin cells and at times, hairs have a tendency to curl back under the skin and cause an ingrown hair. Yuck! Who needs it? Not us!

The bad news is there is no way to stop these red bumps from happening other than no longer shaving and shaving is only a temporary solution to hair removal and reduction. The good news is laser hair removal does not cause those bumps and unlike shaving which is a short term hair removal solution, laser hair removal provides a long term permanent solution to in grown hairs. 

For men who want to eliminate the ugly downsides of shaving but still want a bit of hair growth they can opt for a laser hair removal session or two to control the growth of their facial hair, the need to shave as often and the irritation to the skin from shaving! Hurrah!

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