How to Prepare for Your First Laser Hair Removal Session

Pick the right laser hair removal partner

When considering the right Denver laser hair removal partner for you it is important that you clearly understand their technicians and their technology. To make sure you are selecting the best laser hair removal partner for you make sure they have these five important characteristics.

Understand if laser hair removal is right for you

Laser hair removal is a fantastic investment in your appearance and in you and as such it is important that you talk to your laser hair removal partner to understand its nominal side effects, the types of skin and hair it does and does not work on, the expected number of treatments and the numerous benefits of laser hair removal for you! 

A trained technician should answer all your questions before starting, including the price, explanation of the technology, general side effects and specific side affects pertaining to your skin type and hair type. If not ask her these questions:

1.) Can I burn or blister?

2.) How long does my skin stay red?

3.) What happens after a treatment?

Understand the costs

Different areas of the body, skin tones and hair types require a different number of sessions to achieve desired permanent hair removal. Make sure you talk to your laser hair removal partner about how many sessions they estimate it will take and the costs associated with your permanent hair removal goals. See Denver Laser Solutions laser hair removal costs

Avoid the sun prior to your first appointment and for 24 hours afterwards

Sun exposure prior to or immediately after your laser hair removal session can cause the skin to burn or appear burned unnecessarily. If you have a sunburn or have recently acquired a tan from being out in the sun, wait until it has faded prior before going to your first (or any) laser hair removal session. For more information read: 4 Things You Need to Know about Laser Hair Removal and Tanning.

Avoid hair removal treatments like tweezing, waxing or electrolysis prior to laser hair removal

There are numerous hair removal methods that some people try prior to coming to us for laser hair removal. Some of these methods include tweezing, waxing or electrolysis. These methods can disturb or irritate the hair follicle and therefore lessen the effect of our laser hair removal treatments. If you plan to get laser hair removal, you should only shave prior to your session to ensure your skin is well prepared for your visit.  You want as much energy to go into the follicle as possible. If hair is longer than a few centimeters, then laser energy is wasted on the exposed hair than the follicle. Some studies show that shaving even helps with your laser hair removal session!

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