The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

 The Cons to Laser Hair Removal 

It takes more than one session

As laser hair removal is a permanent hair reduction solution it takes multiple sessions to get the permanent hair removal results you want. At Denver Laser Solutions several laser hair removal sessions are recommended for the best aesthetic outcome and hair reduction solution. 

It costs money

Our Denver-based laser hair removal service fees vary depending on the part of the body in which you would like permanent hair reduction. In the short term, laser hair removal  is  more expensive than shaving or store purchased solutions, but in the long run our Denver laser hair removal clients not only save money because they never have to invest in any hair removal again. Additionally they do not have to waste any additional time on hair removal again either!  

Choosing the wrong laser hair removal partner can cause scarring or burning to the skin

At Denver Laser Solutions, we not only have a highly trained and certified staff but we use the most advanced laser hair removal technology. Other facilities however do not always provide these services and technologies and as such scarring can occur when laser hair removal is performed. If you are considering laser hair removal make sure you pick the right laser hair removal partner.

Some laser hair removal systems do not work for all skin types

Some of the less advanced laser hair removal systems do not work for all skin types. However, with Denver Laser Solutions IPL laser hair removal technology, as long as there is a contrast between the color of the skin and the hair, we can significantly reduce hair growth.  

The Pros to Laser Hair Removal 

Side-effects when you select the right laser hair removal partner are minimal

Side effects of laser hair removal include a slight redness or swelling to the skin. This is because your skin converts the light to heat. At Denver Laser Solutions we use a water cooled tip that feels like an ice cube that is applied directly to the skin to ensure our customers and comfortable during their laser hair removal treatment. Any redness that does from our treatment will dissipate in 24 hours or less.

Enormous reduction in need to shave

Laser hair removal works by killing the cells that are responsible for growing the hair follicle. The result? Good bye razors, nicks, cuts and shaving and hello, permanent hair reduction! 

Laser hair removal makes sense financially in the long run

There is certainly a cost with laser hair removal may seem but keep in mind that this procedure is for long term, permanent hair removal results. This means in a matter of months you will not have to ever spend time or money on hair removal again! 

No more ingrown hairs 

As laser hair removal works via killing the cells that are responsible for growing the hair follicle. Once the cells are destroyed then the hair does not come back. There for it is no longer possible for ingrown hairs to happen. Hurrah!  

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