4 Reasons Why You Should Not Do Laser Hair Removal at Home

Laser Hair Removal is the only permanent hair removal solution available and within that there are two available options: 1) have laser hair removal performed at a professional clinic with certified staff or 2) buy a laser hair removal system for your home. If you are considering buying a laser hair removal system for your home, here are 4 things you should understand:

The home version of the laser hair removal is expensive

Laser hair removal devices for the home cost between 500 and 1000 dollars. Celebrities endorsed hair removal, what has the Kardashians not put their name on? 

1.) To do the size of a deck of cards takes 20-30 minutes.

2.) The head piece is about the size of a dime 

3.) One can not tell where they have zapped, causing uneven hair removal

4.) How much time do you really have to do this? 

So you really need lots and lots of spare time to use any “at home” permanent hair reduction systems.  The laser window is very tiny that you have to have utmost of focus to treat the area you want to. 

Most at home laser treatment products cost from $500 - $1000.00 depending on the brand and provide only one frequency for one skin type which can result in burning the skin if your skin type is not the kind the machine is optimized for.

At DLS you get a certified laser technician that knows how to use the laser properly and can use different wavelengths to achieve results. 

The side effects of the home laser hair removal system can be significant

Laser hair removal performed by a professional can cause a little bit of redness and slight irritation. However, with home-based laser hair removal systems if used by a person who was not properly trained and certified the redness can be more significant and the tool can cause burning and even scarring. 

Darker skin tones cannot use home-based laser hair removal machines

Home-based laser hair removal systems do not work on darker skin tones. If anyone with dark skin should use a home-based laser hair removal tool they are more susceptible to burning their skin than those with lighter skin tones because the laser is attracted to the color of your hair. 

Results vary drastically with home laser hair removal systems for dark thick hair

Although the laser hair removal system people purchase for their homes does not work for darker skin types, it will work for dark, thick hair on lighter skin. However, the results of home laser hair removal for darker, thicker hair can vary drastically and can be very inconsistent from one person to another and from one part of the body to another. Because the tip is no bigger than the size of a dime, it is hard to see where you have placed the tip. This will result in spotty hair reduction. 

Home laser hair removal solutions are not good for light, blonde or red hair

Many times our Denver area clients come to us for laser hair removal of the lighter hairs such peach fuzz or for hair removal from the upper lip. Although it may be counterintuitive, it is actually more difficult to permanently remove the finer, lighter hairs than the coarser dark hairs. Excellent laser hair removal technology is required for these fine and light hairs and very often the home-based laser hair removal systems are not equipped to do so. The need to permanently remove multiple types of hair effectively is the reason we selected IPL laser hair removal technology. IPL laser hair removal technology offers a wide range of frequencies to not only remove multiple different hair colors but hair types as well.

More laser hair removal treatments are needed, more regularly with home laser hair removal solutions

At Denver Laser Solutions we use the best in laser technology for laser hair removal. For this reason our clients only need to visit our downtown Denver office every four to eight weeks depending on the body part while they are in the process of getting to permanent hair reduction. We require 6 sessions for 90% permanent hair removal reduction. Permanent hair reduction is based on hair type and some hair types may need more than 6 sessions. With home based sessions, laser hair removal is required every two weeks and more sessions are required to achieve desired permanent hair removal status.

Want to schedule a laser hair removal appointment at our conveniently located downtown Denver office? Book a laser hair removal appointment online or call us today at 303.578.3809.

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