4 Must-Know Skin Care Tips Specifically for Men

Have a daily (and nightly) facial cleansing regime

Men should make sure they wash their faces in the morning with a foaming hydrating cleanser that contains licorice. Licorice is especially important for men because it contains a natural anti-inflammatory to help lessen the after effects of shaving. After the face has been properly washed in the morning, men should apply a moisturizer protect their skin from pollutants and then apply sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or above.

At night, men should wash their faces with an anti-aging foaming cleanser and then apply a moisturizer to help nourish the skin and prevent unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Have the professionals get rid of dead skin every four to six weeks

Men and women’s skin cells exfoliate every 28 to 34 days depending on your age. With that said it would be ideal to get a microdermabrasion facial every four weeks. However, most men come into our Denver location every four to six weeks for their microdermabrasion treatment. Denver Laser Solutions microdermabrasion treatments for men are catered specifically to the unique skin type of each person. Our microdermabrasion facials help get rid of dead skin, make men’s skin fresh and bright, help lighten sun spot and correct lines and wrinkles. Our microdermabrasion treatments are quick and we find our male facial clients love not only the treatment but the results!

Bald is beautiful

We offer Denver facials for a range of needs, skin types and skin care conditions. One facial we recommend to both our male and female Denver-area clients is the photofacial. For our beautifully bald clients we also do photofacials on the top of your head to ensure your skin and face not only look great but stay healthy. The bonus of our photofacials? They also give your skin a fresh and very healthy look, which is why we think our clients love them so much!

Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen on your face, neck, head and ears!

At Denver Laser Solutions we frequently see the power the sun has to hurt skin and the power sunscreen has to protect it. This is why we always tell our Denver facial and skin care clients to wear sunscreen on their face, neck and head (for our beautifully bald clients) with a SPF of 30 or above.

Want to come to our conveniently located downtown Denver office for a face and skincare consultation? Want to book a microdermabrasion of photofacial? Book online today or call 303.578.3809 for an appointment.

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