6 Daily Ways to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

 In order for our Denver clients to get the most out of our facials and skin treatments it is critical that their skin is properly cared for both in and out of our office.  At Denver Laser Solutions we make sure our skin care clients are educated on how to care for their skin on a daily basis. Here are the 6 things you should know about daily optimal skin care.

Cleanse your face morning AND night 

Some people wash their face in the morning and then, after a long day forget about a good nightly skin care regime. In order to keep your face and skin clean, healthy, free of bacteria, pollutants and other damaging elements that can make skin unhealthy or age prematurely it is critical to wash both when you get out of bed in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

Wash with the right facial cleanser 

As Denver’s facial experts we know it is hard to differentiate the good facial cleanser from the, eh, not-so-good facial cleansers. However, a few good rules of thumb are to never use bar soap on your face and select a cleanser that is pH balanced. You want your cleanser to make your skin feel soft and smooth. If it feels tight and needs moisturizer right away then you are using a cleanser that is over stripping your skin and not balanced.

Bar soap is a no-no for your face because it is exposed to all the elements in your bathroom and as such is typically filled with bacteria and other things you definitely do not want to be putting on your face! 

It is important to maintain the optimal pH of your skin. Optimal skin pH is 5.2 to 5.5 and maintaining this will help stave off bacteria as well as keep skin moist and hydrated! Not all facial cleansers will help your skin’s pH. To make sure you are cleaning your face with the cleanser that is not only the best for faces but the best for you, book an appointment online to come into our downtown Denver office for a facial consultation.

Use a different cleanser at night than you do in the day

To keep your skin both healthy and young it is important to use different facial cleansers during the day than you use at night. For best results, make sure you have both an anti-aging cleanser with exfoliating ingredients, such as salylic or glycolic acids NK and a hydrating cleanser. 

To keep your skin young use your anti-aging cleanser at night to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. A proper anti-aging facial cleanser will not only exfoliate but help keep your skin firm and tight while staving off unwanted lines and wrinkles. In the morning, use your hydrating cleanser to keep your skin plump and supple all day long. 

Use a daily facial serum to protect your skin from pollution

After you have completed your morning face wash it is essential that you then protect your skin from the pollution it will be exposed to during the day. Proper facial serums are full of antioxidants which help protect your skin all day long. 

Complete this sentence: “Always, always, always wear your sunscreen!

This is your best and cheapest anti-aging product. Broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) sunscreen will fight off free radical rays, which are the most damaging to your skin. 

All sunscreens wear off in two hours and only waterproof for 80 minutes.  We recommend using a mineral make-up powder that has an SPF 30 that you can apply over your make-up to ensure that your skin is protected when you go outside.   We like Colorscience Sun Forgettable, easy to apply and can fit into the tiniest purse. Check out our site to view colors and recommendations.

To get the best results apply your morning moisturizer and then apply your sunscreen to make sure the moisturizer penetrates your skin before applying your sunscreen. Look for sunscreen without Titanium Dioxide with an SPF of 30 to 50. Don’t forget your hands!

Drink 64 to 72 ounces of water daily

One thing many Denverites do not know is that the skin is the very last organ in the body to receive water. This means that if you are not hydrating yourself properly your skin will not get the water it needs and it will suffer (and age) accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to drink two and a half liters of water a day.

Want a facial regime specified to your specific skin? Book an appointment online or call our downtown Denver office today at 3303.578.3809 for a skin care and product analysis or one of our facials today!


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