How To Fade a Red Scar – 4 New Ways

Redness in the presence of a scar or stretch mark is sluggish dead blood that the body has tried to eliminate on its own but never fully finished. I

If we bleed from an injury sometimes the dead blood gets trapped under the skin as new skin grows over the wound. This inflammation and redness can last for months.Red scars can also result from the natural healing process which sends a plethora of healthy blood cells to the injury to heal the wound.

Although there's no such thing as scar removal, you can

follow these four easy steps on how to fade a red scar and remove it from view.

How to fade a red scar
  1. Vitamin K –

Vitamin K improves blood circulation, which in turn helps to reduce inflammation and calm redness.   It strengthens weak blood vessels also known as capillaries to produce faster healing. If you are dealing with an unsightly scar or stretch mark that has turned red the daily application of Vitamin K for a minimum of two weeks will help soften and fade the redness.

  1. Intense Pulse Light/IPL Treatment-

IPL treatments with the correct wavelength can be used to target and absorb redness in the skin. IPL utilizes a light wavelength that targets blood under the skin. This light turns to heat, which in turn energizes the sluggish blood under the skin causing the body to speed up the elimination process and fade it from view.


  1. SPF –

Sunlight is particularly sensitive on reddened skin. A newly formed scar should be covered with an SPF 30 or higher and with clothing to reduce the chances of sunburn and for the scar to become a darker red.


  1. Massage –

Lightly massaging the area as soon as the wound closes, use more pressure as time goes on, this will help not only reduce scar tissue but continue to help flush out old stagnant blood and speed up a new healthy blood supply to continue healing the wound.

It is common for all new scars to turn red. How long they stay red though depends upon how well you care for your injury. 

The steps to take for caring for an unwanted scar:

  • Vitamin K cream and SPF are both found over the counter.IPL Shot
  • Using your fingers to massage the area is something you can without cost.
  • However, if you are still bothered by the redness in your skin after these three steps have been taken then go to your local medical spa. Skin toning treatments using laser or Light based technology to target and fade redness is very common and is a reasonably priced service that can offer the most dramatic change that you may be looking for.



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