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Eliminate Chin Fat For Good


Eliminate Chin Fat for Good

By Juliette Martinez L.E.

If you are near your ideal weight, live a healthy lifestyle but can never seem to get rid of the little pouch of fat underneath your chin, you

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| Jan 30, 2017

Microcurrent Facelift in 5 minutes

microcurrent face lift

Microcurrent Face Lift

By: Morgan Nolte L.E.

               There is something beautiful about a-symmetry in us as humans and definitely provides everyone individuality. We can’t all

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| Jan 09, 2017

Easy Skincare Resolutions

Easy skin care resolutions

Easy Skincare Resolutions to Kick off 2017

By: Rene Sacchitella

This is the year. This time we can incorporate easy lifestyle changes that create a big impact. It is easier to prevent skin care concerns rather to correct skin care conditions. Yet,

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| Jan 02, 2017

Dangerous DIY Skincare


Dangerous DIY Skincare

By: Rene Sacchitella

New Years always brings a sense of adventure and self discovery.  We tell ourselves, “this is the year that brings change”, no matter what that might look like.

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| Dec 26, 2016

Product Spotlight: YonKa Gift Set with Juliette

Check out our powerhouse anti-aging duo from YonKa skincare! This creme and serum is sure to pack a punch for all mature skin types as it strengthens collagen, aids in uneven skin tone, and keeps skin ultra-hydrated in the process. On special for the Holiday

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| Dec 16, 2016

Coolsculpting 101


Cool Sculpting 101

By: Morgan Nolte L.E.

Pooch, muffin top, saddle bags, bingo wings, thunder thighs, love handles. Over the years, we have created numerous terms to describe our areas that hold stubborn fat. The tasty pizza

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| Dec 12, 2016

Obnoxiously Terribly Comedogenic

OTC_ Overly Terribly

OTC: Obnoxiously Terribly Comedogenic!

By: Morgan Nolte L.E.

    When your trusted esthetician recommends a regime for you it is not because of their sales quota or commission for the month. It is simply because

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| Dec 05, 2016

IPL Photofacial Treatment


Our IPL photofacial treatment is one of our most popular treatments amongst our Downtown Denver patients!  As the gold standard in pigmentation reduction, photofacials can treat a variety of skin conditions including hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and

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| Nov 29, 2016

The Legacy of Chemical Peels

The Legacy of Chemical Peels


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| Oct 03, 2016

Chemical Peel Denver

By Tiffany Martelli L.E.

Fall is chemical peel season! Watch as I start my fall skincare routine off with our Denver Laser Solutions level two chemical peel. The Perfection

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| Sep 26, 2016
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